In Focus: Adding to the Malifaux Range!

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Every Friday we take a closer look at our latest releases and lines. Today, we explore where we're at with Malifaux Third Edition and what's coming next!

malifaux third edition
Our new Malifaux line is going down an absolute storm but as some of you noticed, we used the wrong dimensions for particular tokens in the set. First of all, thanks to those who took the time to point this out to us! We really appreciated that. Second, we've made the necessary corrections, and all sets will go out with the updated tokens. 

art of war studios malifaux tokens
Not only that, but we're taking this opportunity to add to the range! Pretty soon we'll have Chi Tokens ready to go, something one or two of you have asked about already! We'll make sure they fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of the current range.

art of war studios malifaux tokens

New images are coming soon, and we'll update the webstore as soon as everything's in place, but rest assured these sets are now going to be perfect for your third edition games!

warcry tokens

Because the design team doesn't need sleep, they're already working on tokens for Games Workshop's skirmish game, Warcry! We're in love with the aesthetic of this game, and can't wait to get our warbands on the table. So keen are we, the tokens are pencilled in for a release NEXT WEEK! So make sure you follow us on facebook, twitter and sign up to our newsletter so you can grab these the second they drop!

infinity boards

Finally, we recently teased an image of something really special that we've been working on for Infinity. I may have lost the game against a very fine opponent running bouncing death robots, but I did get to test out a prototype of our command boards. These made keeping track of orders really straightforward, and having tokens organised and within easy reach was a joy. Also, because the boards come apart, you can make smart use of space at the table, too! Can't wait to see the final product!

So that's what we've been up to lately. We can't wait to unveil what we've got planned for Warcry, and to show you these gorgeous new Malifaux pics. Watch this space!

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