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It's Monday, let's buckle up and take a high-speed tour through this week's news and new releases!

cr90 x wing tantive

If you command Rebel Alliance or Galactic Republic squadrons in X-Wing 2.0, and are looking to bring some bigger guns to bear, the CR90 corvette is on its way! The Tantive IV might present a large target, but it's bristling with powerful weapons systems. With increased attack range, the potential to target lock several enemies at once, or the option to share out focus and evade tokens, the CR90 will always make its presence felt in any engagement!

keyforge vaultwarrior

KeyForge players, if you've got the skills, you will soon be able to compete for cash prizes in VaultWarrior qualifiers! Battling around the world, and across several tiers, the contest will end in Miami, Florida, with a $100,000 prize pool!

jain zar 40k

Switching to the grimdark 40K universe, the lithe and lethal Phoenix Lord Jain Zar returns with a gorgeous new plastic kit, just in time for the Psychic Awakening! Not only does this herald a bright new dawn for Aeldari players, it also beings a new close combat specialist to the game. With her Storm of Silence, Zar can take on entire mobs of enemies and slaughter them with impunity!

 intercessor action figure 40k

Imperial players shouldn't feel left out. There's an Intercessor action figure on the way and it's awesome. As imposing as you might imagine, it's going to look superb on the shelf. 

white scars 40k 30k

If you prefer speed to brawn, the White Scars Kyzagan Land Speeder will be hurtling across a Horus Heresy battlefield near you before you can scream "take cover!" Armed with a Kheres assault cannon and not one but two autocannons, it's a veritable death machine.


WarCry just keeps expanding, with the emergence of the new Tome of Champions. Also skulking in the shadows, ready to pounce, is one of two new warbands... so far we've only seen the Spire Tyrants Pit Fighter, but we can't wait to see the rest of the band. With blades like this, they're going to strike terror into even the toughest and most zealous foe.

blackstone fortress

We had a lot of fun working out ways to boost the difficulty level for veteran Blackstone Fortress players. Now, a spiteful new deck will unlock new levels from Challenging to Abominable! With more enemies heading your way, you'll need wits and courage to prevail against this Abominable Intellect!

grymwatch beastgrave

Finally this week, we get a glimpse of the Grymwatch, a new faction for Beastgrave! The Flesh-Eater Courts are finally getting in on the Underworlds action, and we can be sure that they'll be gnawing on their opponents, shrugging off death and causing terror wherever they go!

So are you looking forward to bringing huge ships to bear in your games of X-Wing, or sending a vile swarm of cannibalistic monsters scurrying and screeching through the Underworlds? Let us know what's caught your eye!

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