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It's Monday, time to emerge from light speed into a quadrant full of dazzling new releases!

keyforge prime championships

If you fancy yourself as force to be reckoned with in the Crucible, Fantasy Flight Games have released more news about Prime Championships in KeyForge! With events around the world - including here in the UK - Archons will be queuing up to win unique prizes that include stun tokens, playmats, metal keys and more!

legion championships

Star Wars Legion commanders can get in on the action too, as a dedicated series of open events offer the chance to stake a claim on a whole load of prizes, from art cards to order tokens and much more. So start polishing those blasters and practicing those force powers!
C-ROC star wars x wingMeanwhile, in the stars above, the mighty C-ROC is shifting several tons of contraband and making some shady characters very rich indeed. Fitted with Overdrive Burners to enable it to flee when the enemy response becomes a little bit too intense, turret capabilities and the option of improved energy reserves, the C-ROC is also the only huge ship that can be fitted with Illicit Upgrades. With some awesome crew and pilot options, this behemoth is crammed full of character.
CMON Thenn Warriors

Switching to A Song of Ice and Fire, it's time for Free Folk generals to rejoice! The Thenn Warriors may be on the expensive side for such a cost-effective faction, but with their bronze weapons and armour they hit harder, and can soak up more punishment than most units in the army. They can also taunt enemies into charging them, and stand steadfast against charges or attacks from the rear, making them a real pain to deal with.

aeldari banshees

The Warhammer 40,000 universe is preparing itself for the return of the Aeldari! We're set to see some gorgeous kits as these proud and vengeful aliens clash with the Drukhari in the new Blood of the Phoenix box. I can see a lot of players getting their heads turned by these models. 

forgeworld leviathanFinally, Dark Angels players can now pre-order reinforcements for their armies, including the awesome and imposing Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought. Bristling with weapons ranging from volkite calivers and siege drills to the terrifying cyclonic melta lance, players can expect this unit to always make its grim presence felt!

So what caught your eye this week? Will you be bolstering your Free Folk with some bronze weapon-wielding brutes, or praying to Forgeworld to send you a hulking death machine in a drop pod?

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