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We know what you're thinking. You've set aside everything you've got for the Sisters of Battle box and the children need to eat! Well, we're sorry... because this week's Frontline News is coming for your wallets!

First up, the kickstarter for Corvus Belli's new game Defiance is going great guns. We've seen some awesome new profiles unlocked for Infinity, providing exciting new options for various factions. 

infinity the game defiance

As part of their Defiance Week, the stellar team at OnTableTop have already unleashed some informative videos highlighting what we can expect from this sci-fi dungeoncrawler and with a host of expansions and scenery packs it's already set to become a deep and immersive experience.

black library weekender

Games Workshop's Black Library Weekender is over, and aside from some exciting news about upcoming novels, these gorgeous new minis have been revealed. Representing Valerian and Aleya, from Chris Wraight's Watchers of the Throne series, they're just begging to be used in your Warhammer 40,000 army!

necromunda transfers

Necromunda: Dark Uprising is set to reinvigorate our love for all things underhive. As well as world-class miniatures, top notch terrain and funky new dice, a new set of transfers is also going to be available to help players decorate their lair. We can't wait to tag the walls with the gruesome symbols of our chosen cults

white dwarf

Now we don't usually include Games Workshop's White Dwarf magazine in these blogs, but this one's got me excited. Previous issues have included essential content for players of Blackstone Fortress, Age of Sigmar and more. A few months back we received a mind-blowing new set of rules for Assassins, which saw countless Imperium players rewrite their lists to make room for a Vindicare or Culexus. This month we're set to get a mini-codex for the Inquisition! My fingers are crossed for a sweet Ordo Malleus terminator profile.

warcry games workshop

Warcry players rejoice! This stunning skirmish game is getting organised play packs to help you run tournaments. As well as these exquisite medallions for the most successful warbands, there are alternative art cards and other prizes up for grabs, too.

warcry organised play

This is really going to get Warcry players back to the tables, and will certainly add an edge to future encounters!


For those who missed the Dreadfane set for Warhammer Underworlds, the new Champions of Dreadfane set includes all the models and power cards you need to run the two warbands that came with the original box. This is great news for players seeking to complete their collections, or get hold of some of those ploys!

sisters of battle

Finally... they're coming! Next weekend, the Adeptus Sororitas will be up for pre-order. A lot of people have been clamouring for these for a very long time... it's going to be great to see these characterful new kits on the tabletop.

So have you saved up for the Sisters, or are you dabbling in Defiance? Let us know what  you're going to be collecting!

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