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Every Monday we bring you our take on what's fresh in the industry and take a closer look at some of the most exciting new releases. It's time for Frontline News!

I know what you're thinking. What fresh hell lies in wait for our wallets this week? New models are appearing at an extraordinary rate, and most of them have been designed to such a high standard that it's hard not to be enticed.

Halfling Blood Bowl Games Workshop

First up we've got to mention the Halfling team for Blood Bowl. When the video first dropped, we were belly-laughing. The combination of the images and music, and the rich and wonderful design of the models, came together to create something truly special. I'm not sure how many cups these guys will be winning, but their release feels like an event. They're going up for pre-order next week, and it's going to be great seeing them pop up on social media, painted in all manner of crazy colour schemes.

Elites is now available for Kill Team, and a lot of people are saying that this has solved their issues with the limited force options in the core rules. You can now bring Terminators and Aspect warriors, which is really exciting, along with a host of new characters. You can even bring one-man-army Sly Marbo!

kill team elites sly marboSome are concerned that Elites risks turning this neat and tidy game into full-blown 40k, but personally I can't see the problem. As long as you keep points values reasonably low, you can enjoy cool little engagements between small forces. Before this dropped, I gave my son a game of Kill Team and added a Dreadnought to bolster his marines. It worked fine and made for a really spectacular game!

We should also mention at this point that if you're taking the plunge into Kill Team, or expanding your forces, our token sets continue to be really popular, replacing fraying cardstock with eye-popping acrylic! 

Sticking with Games Workshop for a moment, Forge World is bringing the big guns to bear with its Horus Heresy pre-orders. Alongside a glaive-wielding Legion Praetor strides a formidable Leviathan dreadnought. You can just imagine this engine of death clanking and grumbling across the battlefield, pulverising the enemy lines with its heavy weaponry.

Leviathan dreadnought forge world

This week sees the release of the Free Folk Trappers for CMON's awesome A Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game. While these lightly-armoured fighters might not be suited to drawn-out close quarters combat, they bring the ability to deal wounds to enemies regardless of how well-protected they are, and have tricks that make it easier to render enemy charges disorderly. They're cheap, too, and aren't worth any points for the enemy, adding to their utility. The models look suitably ferocious as well!

CMON a song of ice and fire free folk trappers

Fantasy Flight Games have published an in-depth look at the Sabine Wren expansion for Star Wars Legion. She's looking very cool indeed, with the kit giving players the option of the characterful helmet or showing off that awesome hairstyle.

Star Wars Legion Sabine Wren

There's so much to love about this release. The option of a dual-pistol pose is appealing, and as expected she's pretty handy with thermal charges. But my favourite thing is that she can tag terrain with graffiti and grant bonuses to nearby allies. How amazing is that?

Age of ascension keyforge

Age of Ascension will have a huge impact on the KeyForge community when it drops at the end of this month, and Fantasy Flight Games have announced that players who take part in Chainbound events will be able to access five times the number of Aembershards during a limited period. I can't wait to see how the new set changes the game!

Finally, we're so excited about the new Malifaux edition, we can barely contain ourselves. Last week, Wyrd teased a new box, Loyalty to Coin, featuring three tough-looking mercenaries.

loyalty to coin malifaux wyrd

Malifaux continues to put character at the forefront of its aesthetic, with all manner of wild and crazy creatures populating its twisted universe. This box will be available in July, and hints at the possibilities that will continue to open up for those brave souls who choose to venture into this warped world of dark delights.

So did we miss anything? What's got you excited this week?

Thanks for reading. If you're going to be taking the plunge with the Halfling team, make sure to invest in some awesome new tokens designed to be easy to place in the midst of the scrum! 

Blood Bowl tokens

 Or if you're planning to blow the lid off the Empire with Sabine Wren, you'll be needing some thermal charge tokens!

sabine wren tokens legion

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