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Every Tuesday our Hobby HQ blog sums up what we've been doing outside of our dayjobs. We share pictures of what we've built and painted, including WIP projects. We'd love to see some of your work, too!

It's been a busy week! Between designing new products, preparing for the UKGE, playtesting new rules, putting together a crew for the Star Trek RPG and actually playing some games, the window for hobby time has been small. And yet, we managed to move forward with some projects!

stormcast eternals art of war

Abi has sold me on two things - Stormcast Eternals and taking photos of miniatures in a natural environment. The shift from Warhammer Fantasy to Age of Sigmar opened up so much design space for big, bold models and poses. This guy is pulling some serious shapes and if he just had that final Infinity Stone, he'd be able to extinguish Chaos with a snap of his gauntleted fingers! Great work on the face, too; the wash has picked out the eyes and cheekbones really well.

art of war hobby HQ hasslefree

The team pretty much carried out a coordinated raid on the Hasslefree stand at Salute this year, and while I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't assembled mine yet, Abi has not just painted her axe-wielding hero Sana, she found the perfect backdrop for her, too. Got me thinking about having a game of AoS or Rangers of Shadow Deep in the garden... that would be pretty amazing, right?

cutter infinity corvus belli art of war studios

I'm still embroiled in an Infinity painting competition, and the Cutter is eating up a lot of time. I've applied some small transfers and done some more edge highlighting. Also, a little battle damage has been added here and there. I'm planning to add a little bit of Typhus Corrosion to those areas to give it the texture of blasted or ruined metal. The main addition this week has been the strap on the gun. This was from Zinge Industries, another Salute favourite. Their ammo belts and spent casings are absolute class.

Next week, I hope to have some Blood Bowl and Nighthaunt models to show you. I bought Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief at the weekend, and plan to let the airbrush do a lot of the work so I can achieve some nice, spectral transitions and groovy colours. I have some interesting ideas for the Rotters, and might use some texture paints on the armour to make the plates appear cracked and suppurating.

age of sigmar nighthaunt blood bowl nurgle

The rest of my hobby time has been spent working out new weapons and rules for IRONCLAD 2048, our post-apocalyptic future tank game, which we demo'd at Salute. We're looking at secondary weapons and upgrades to provide more options for players, as well as fleshing out the world of 2048. Can't wait to share more! Great work has been done on another project too... but you'll have to wait until the Expo for that!

So what have you all been up to, hobby-wise? Show us your awesome minis in a natural outdoors environment and get a chance to win a discount code for a £10 terrain voucher!

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