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It's Monday, and with a whole host of new releases on the way it's time to take a closer look at what's going to be clamouring for your attention this week in another edition of Frontline News!

blackstone fortress annual

First up, if you're hankering after some more archaeotech, the Blackstone Fortress annual is going up for pre-order on Saturday. The generous folk at Warhammer Community have revealed that it will contain a mission in which intrepid explorers must take on a vile Master of Possession and his infernal cohorts, a task which will test even the most experienced players. We love this game at the studios and it's great to see it continue to grow.

blood bowl chaos dwarf

Everyone's favourite short, angry, bearded, spiked hat-wearing Blood Bowl team is back! If you're looking to field a Chaos Dwarf team, bolstered by hobgoblins and Bull Centaurs, you can now grab one via the Made to Order process! For Hashut!

stark lannister kingsguard bowmen

CMON's updates for their awesome mass battle game A Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game have received really positive feedback. So much so, they've released a new article exploring how the update is improving this already stunning game. This time, we see Joffrey's Kingsguard get a boost, and no longer face the restriction of never being able to heal. There have also been tweaks to the restrictions on the Baratheon banners, so make sure you check the article out to see what your units can do now! 

soma guild ball

We're always keen to see new Guild Ball players appear, and Soma looks phenomenal. Anyone who has faced the Alchemists knows what it's like to be coated in flammable liquids and absolutely soaked with AOEs, so we're expecting this new captain to have some truly terrifying tricks up his sleeves.

guild ball festival

Staying with Guild Ball, Festival is shaping up to be a game-changing captain. Bringing a veritable feast of influence to the team, and with a character play that allows friendly models to make a 2" dodge, she is also able to plant harvest markers, aid friendly players in healing, and move allies around the pitch using the amazing 'Line Dancing' Legendary Play. She may look jolly and kind, but she can cause some brutal headaches for the opposition,

godtear campaign

Sticking with Steamforged Games, we were delighted with the latest news regarding Godtear - a cracking game that has really impressed us. The team at SFG has released information on playing not just campaigns, with skill and stat upgrades, but tournaments too. Check out the details and find out how you can start exploring what this game has to offer!

That's all from us for this week. Make sure you let us know what caught your eye! 

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