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If you celebrate the festive period by swinging a battleaxe through the air with a deafening belch as hordes of greenskins run screaming in the opposite direction, then this edition of Frontline News will be right up your alley!

This week's news has a theme. A short, ferocious and indomitable theme. Grombrindal, the White Dwarf himself, is returning in a new incarnation and will be available between the 26th and 29th of December. After that, we imagine he'll be off murdering goblinoids of some description or other.

grombrindal white dwarf 2019

It's not often that grinning mugs grace the battlefields of the 41st Millenium, but joining the Tech Priests of Mars seems to have done Grombrindal the power of good. He is absolutely living his best life on the Red Planet. The same can't be said for his heavily-augmented gretchin slave, of course, but that's life in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


He's not the only famous dwarf returning to the fray. Gotrek Gurnisson is well-known to veteran players, having appeared in several novels and cleaved through innumerable enemy hordes in his time. Well now you can use him in your games of Warcry! The rules are in this month's White Dwarf so make sure you grab a copy... before Gotrek grabs you!

dawnbreaker forgeworld blood angels

If you prefer your warriors to traverse the battlefield a little further up from the ground, then Forgeworld has released the Dawnbreaker Cohorts! The speartip of the Blood Angels attack, these elite fighters are as swift as they are deadly.

arquitor bombard 40k

Now, running a foe through with a powersword is great fun and everything, but sometimes you want to pummel them at a distance. Rules for the Legion Arquitor Bombard will be included in the new Horus Heresy campaign book, entitled Crusade, available next year. This characterful little tank can be equipped with a variety of weapons, like the Graviton Charge Cannon - perfect for crushing armoured targets.

star wars legion covert ops cassian

Sometimes you want to employ a bit more stealth and subterfuge in your battle plan, and the new releases for Star Wars Legion are all about that. Now you can field Rogue One superstars Cassian Andor and K-2SO and take advantage of some game-changing leadership abilities and one hell of a Crack Shot expert.

iden versio star wars legion

If you prefer to implement the iron rule of law instead of fighting for liberty, then Iden Versio, leader of Inferno Squad, will be a worthy addition to your army. Supported by a seeker droid able to enhance her aim, she's a deadly battlefield asset.

legion vital assets

Sticking with Legion, soon players will be able to expand the possibilities of the game with the Vital Assets pack. With new objectives and miniatures, this offers the chance to add even more flavour to your games.

soma guildball

We saw a sneak preview of the new Guild Ball captain Soma in last week's edition. Now, we can see what he's bringing to the pitch! Stat-wise he may seem average, but his Nitro! ability is a phenomenally flexible reposition for your team-mates, and he's absolutely stacked with methods for setting people on fire. 

soma pneuma guild ball

The most exciting thing about Soma is that when he uses his Legendary Play, he becomes Pneuma, and swaps his original card for a new one. As Pneuma, he can feed on burning conditions to boost his TAC, gets free charges, and even explodes in a great ball of fire when taken out. Talk about a blaze of glory!

Finally this week, Steamforged Games have released a sneak peek at Veteran Greede so be sure to check that out!

So once again there's a wave of new and exciting models on the horizon, with some nifty new rules to enhance our games. What's got you excited this week? Let us know!

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