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Do you like tank aces, hulking barbarians, souped-up giants and super-manoeuvrable armoured vehicles? Then this edition of Frontline News is just for you!

legion star wars saber
Galactic Republic generals rejoice! Fantasy Flight Games have unleashed a new tank to help you maintain order and defeat your foes. The TX-130 Saber is nimble for a tank, able to reposition and strike where the enemy is weakest. With a Clone Trooper pilot it will mesh seamlessly with the rest of your force. Stick a Jedi in there and it becomes the perfect command tank, a mobile HQ able to bring out the best from surrounding units.
rangosh godtear sfg
Steamforged have provided Godtear players with a closer look at the ferocious barbarian Rangosh. He's an absolute beast, able to pull enemies closer using the Whiplash attack, sacrifice Red Bandits in order to bolster his attacks, and even attract new followers as the battle progresses!
Adeptus Titanicus is getting a new expansion! Soon, Games Workshop will release Shadow and Iron, complete with all manner of dynamic new rules and exciting background narratives. Most mysterious is the Warlord-Sinister Psi-Titan, able to close with the foe with terrifying, supernatural speed!
greater good astra militarum
Back to Warhammer 40,000, the Greater Good rulebook contains some stunning rules for your armies. The Astra Militarum not only benefit from Tank Aces, and a useful new repair ability for their terrifying armoured units, but they can also enjoy an improved overwatch capability, helping them deal with enemies that seek to close in quickly.
genestealer cult greater good
The Genestealer Cults have also received updates and are now able to hit even harder with their ambushes!
shadowsun tau greater good 40k
Shadowsun, hero of the Tau, has also become a force to be reckoned with! Not only is she sporting tank-killing weapons and surrounded by a swarm of advanced drones, her presence also offers limited protection from injury for nearby allies.
contekar terminator squads 40k horus heresy
The Horus Heresy continues to blaze, as countless souls burn in its churning, galaxy-wide inferno. Alongside new artillery pieces capable of annihilating the foe from extreme distance, terror troops march across the field, sawing loyalists in two or immolating them mercilessly. The Night Lords' Contekar Terminator Elite look awesome, sporting heavy flamers, volkite cavitors and custom chainblades!
asoiaf visions in flames cmon
CMON continue to update A Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game with new rules for your favourite units. Savage Giants have had their Wounds and damage output increased, Qhorin Halfhand has become cheaper and can buff the speed and attacks of his allies, and the Lord of Bones and his followers have seen increases to their attack dice. Whilst they have exchanged 'Prey on Fear' for 'Cut Them Down!', making them less able to heal but more adept at slaughter, certain restrictions have been lifted making them more flexible when it comes to building your force. 
That's it for this week. Are you happy with how A Song of Ice and Fire is developing? And will you be taking the plunge into Adeptus Titanicus? Let us know what's rocking your tabletop gaming world this week!

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