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Want to see the forest come to life, pointy-eared warriors take to battle, heroes return to save humanity and tweaks to your favourite football stars? Then check out this week's edition of Bunker Bustin' Frontline News! 

lumineth realm lords games workshop age of sigmar

Greetings, fellow bunker dwellers! We hope your supply runs have been fruitful and the apocalypse is treating you well. This week brings us some lovely new shinies to provide some much-needed escapism. So let's dive in!

lumineth realm lords age of sigmar games workshop

Games Workshop unleashed the second part of their online preview, and right at the tip of its shining spear is a brand new army. The Lumineth Realm Lords box contains everything you need to bring the High Aelves back to the battlefield. This veritable crate of arcane might contains the Light of Eltharion, 10 Auralan Wardens and 5 Dawnriders, as well as a gauge, dice and limited edition battletome - the perfect gift for pointy-eared armchair generals everywhere!

blood bown treeman games workshop

Now, the Aelves are known for their affinity with woodland spirits, so it's fitting that the next reveal was a new Treeman for Blood Bowl. Not only does this mini have a high level of detail, there's a real sense of fun involved here, too. The miniatures for this specialist game have been excellent, and this is a worthy addition to the line.

ephrael stern daemonifuge games workshop 40k

Warhammer 40,000 players have plenty to be entranced by, too. Black Library heroine Ephrael Stern and her comrade Kyganil have been cast in plastic, and they look stunning. Not only are models posed in a dynamic fashion, the scenic bases are excellent, too. Whilst Ephael will fit in nicely with an Adeptus Sororitas army - or function as a great character model - both will be available for Imperium players, offering even more choice for those seeking to protect Humanity from xenos and heretics alike!

word bearer praetor 40k

Finally from Games Workshop, we have some new Praetor models for the Word Bearers. The detail on these models is amazing, and any Chaos Space Marine player would struggle to find a place for one of these in their army. Although they're designed for games of Horus Heresy, like a lot of models in that range they can easily be utilised as proxies in games of Warhammer 40,000.

guild ball update 2020

There's been some awesome news from Steamforged Games! The minds behind Guild Ball have given the roster of players an overhaul, tweaking their stats and plays to ensure that the game remains as balanced and fun as possible. As part of the Errata 4.3 report, Maatagi has had buffs to his influence efficiency, playbook and HP to make him more appealing to coaches. 

katalyst guild ball

Other players like Katalyst have been stripped back a little following recent buffs that left them a little bit too strong. Little tweaks to this model have made him a little slower and reduced his damage output without reducing his appeal. If you're a Guild Ball coach make sure to check these updates out right away!

Finally this week, we just want to take a moment to say how important it is that we keep in touch with friends and fellow gamers during this difficult, unprecedented and frankly weird time. Make the most of the awesome tabletop gaming community, play some RPGs on platforms like Zoom perhaps, or check out Tabletop Simulator. Social distancing rules only apply physically... there's no reason why we can't all keep each other entertained and sane whilst we continue to play our favourite games... or discover some new ones.

If you've got any great ideas of how to pass the time in quarantine, let us know. Whether you're still working, on furlough or just taking this opportunity to catch up on your miniature painting, stay safe and take care!

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