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The latest Lumineth characters, jetpack troopers, flying robots, mounted footballers, wondering monks, all beamed directly to your bunker? It must be a new edition of Frontline News!

Avalenor the stoneheart king lumineth

Greetings, gamers! We hope you've been keeping well, and that the apocalypse hasn't put too much of a dampener on your spirits.

If you're anything like us, you watched Games Workshop's first ever Online Warhammer Preview for a glimpse of some stunning new models. Avalenor, the Stoneheart King stood out, another glorious centrepiece model for Age of Sigmar. He's the Elf equivalent of a Greater Daemon, and comes with multiple head and arm options.

alarith stoneguard lumineth games workshop

To continue with the hammer theme, which is an interesting look for Aelves, the Alarith Stoneguard are gorgeously sculpted and characterful elite warriors designed to crack skulls and take names. 

scions of flame warcry games workshop

A new warband has been unveiled for Warcry, too. The Scions of Flame go to battle wreathed in fire and wielding all manner of suitable weapons, such as the flamberge pictured above. Warcry's models have been stunning so far, and with this new release, it's clear that the bar continues to be set very high indeed.

psychic awakening games workshop 40k

The Warhammer 40,000 releases just keep coming, and this time it's the turn of Fabius Bile, the Chaos Powers' own mad scientist, to get a revamp. You should visit the GW page to see this one, as there's a nice reveal gimmick where you can compare the new model to the old one. The result is very faithful, but brings Fabius Bile up to date with the current aesthetic.

lion games workshop 40k horus heresy

In our last Games Workshop news of this week, the new Lion el'Johnson model has been unleashed for Horus Heresy. And it's grimly amazing. The Primarch of the Dark Angels towers over the hapless Night Lords, and clad in that impassive helmet captures the brutal, driven and secretive nature of the Chapter. 

ram shepherds guild ball

Let's take a look at the latest Guild Ball Squaddie, Ram. Part of the new Shepherd's Guild, Ram is a mounted model with some neat punishment mechanics. Guard the Flock is a useful ability to protect other team members, but Baa-ttering Ram really stands out. This lets Ram push enemy models 4" as it rampages across the pitch. Repositioning can be incredibly game-changing, so this is a really strong option. But onto that punishment rule - if Ram is Taken Out, all friendly models gain +2 ARM for the rest of the turn. This is pretty powerful stuff, and the Shepherds are shaping up to be one hell of a team.

clan wren legion

It's been a dazzling few days for Star Wars Legion players. First off, we had a glimpse of Clan Wren, bringing more Mandalorian Chic to the tabletop. Armed with sabres, blaster pistols and jetpack rockets, these sweet-looking minis are sure to whet the appetite of any Star Wars fan.

inferno squad star wars legion

Also new from Fantasy Flight Games is the grim and ruthless Inferno Squad. Stealthy, adept and armed to the teeth, these elite troopers will make their presence felt in any scenario. 

AT-RT republic scout walker ffg legion star wars

If you're looking for a high-speed option for the Republic then the AT-RT might be just what you're looking for. The pilot carries a rocket launcher but the walker itself can be kitted out for any eventually, including a flamethrower for close encounters and a rotary cannon to thin out the enemy's ranks.

separatist STAP ffg star wars legion

Separatist commanders should not feel left out. Screaming over the hilltops come the STAP riders - single trooper aerial platforms - blasting away with their cannons. Highly manoeuvrable and able to provide the army with advanced scouting information to facilitate crushing victories, STAP riders not only look good, they fulfil an essential battlefield role, too.

liang kai infinity corvus belli

Finally this week, meet Liang Kai, the Wandering Shaolin Monk! This new character for Infinity has a chain rifle and light shotgun, Martial Arts Level 4 and mimetism, making him a veritable killing machine capable of taking down any foe. We expect world-class models from Corvus Belli and this is no exception; the pose of the model is amazing and the scenic base is full of character.

That's all from us, back to the bunker rations! Hope you're all staying safe out there. Let us know what you've been doing to keep cabin fever at bay!

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  • The Shepard’s Guild is amazing. I hope you all have plans to make Tokens for them soon! :)

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