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Put down that rusty rifle, kick off your boots and squeeze on that pack of RadAway, because it's time to take a break from the apocalypse and enjoy a little bit of escapism with another edition of Frontline News!

underhive doc necromunda games workshop

Remember those days when Necromunda miniatures were cool toys to paint up and push around a table, and not actual role models to emulate in order to survive the end times? By now we probably all know at least one person whose current wardrobe can only be described as 'grimdark chic'. Thankfully, the unstoppable machine that is Games Workshop is still providing us with post-apocalypse fashion inspiration, so we can look our best when we're enduring the worst.

necromunda escher games workshop

Not only are new Rogue Doc models on the way, gang leaders can also draw on the help of Gang Lookouts to help protect the hideout from sneak attacks. With a new range of Escher special weapons en route too, there's never been a better time to be a Space Amazon.

Illuminor Szeras 40k games workshop

Now, of course we're all hoping that the current situation improves quickly, and we can all go back to some semblance or normality. But if we don't, it's comforting to know that transferring ourselves into undying robots is always an option. To illustrate the appeal of this, let's take a look at Illuminor Szeras, the new Necron poster-bot. Imagine this merciless chrome fiend stalking the grimdark battlefields of Warhammer 40,000 and shudder!

horus heresy 40k Saul Tarvitz

I know what you're thinking. We need a hero. Right on cue, here comes Saul Tarvitz, hero of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This righteous death-machine has had a Horus Heresy stat line since 2012 and now he finally has a model, and as you might expect, it's gorgeous. Even if you don't play Horus Heresy, if you're a Space Marine player this guy will make an ideal Captain.

blackstone fortress ascenscion

The new Blackstone Fortress expansion will make even the most pacifistic players reach for their power swords. In Ascension, the final entry in the Blackstone Fortress grand narrative, you'll take on a host of new enemies including hulking Guardian Drones which make the Ambull look diminutive. 

behemat age sigmar

Let's take a break from the bleak vision of a battle-ravaged far future, and turn our eyes to the fantasy realms. Yes, these too are battle-ravaged, but there's no shortage of spectacle and you don't get more jaw-dropping than the Sons of Behemat. To get an idea of just how big these new Age of Sigmar giants are, that's a human skull on the base. This guy is going to be crushing Stormcast Eternals underfoot!

snotling blood bowl

But it isn't just the threat of giants that should have the mortal realms cowering in fear. A new team is being introduced in Blood Bowl and they're all set to transform the game and sweep all opponents aside with brute force and peerless skill! Well, OK, maybe they won't be doing quite that well... but at least they'll put a smile on the faces of the spectators. The Snotlings might make the Halflings look like Brazil but they do have a pump-wagon which is as bonkers as you might imagine!

wolfenstein kickstarter

Players of a certain age will remember the original DOOM, id software's FPS leviathan that transformed the world of videogames. Some of us remember the game that preceded it, Wolfenstein. Now, there's a boardgame on the way which brings this game of good against evil to life in gorgeous plastic! Wolfenstein: the Board Game is live in Kickstarter now, and if you want to learn more, the awesome team as OnTableTop have a great piece here which will answer all of your questions!

infinity code one

If all this isn't exciting enough for you, Infinity Code One is now live! Promising to provide new players with a fast, fun and straightforward gateway into the Infinity universe, and veteran players with a quick 45-minute blast of tabletop goodness, Code One takes the core elements of the game and streamlines them. If you haven't played Infinity and want to find out why it's hailed by many as the most dynamic wargame rules set out there, take a look at the rules and the army builder now! 

meek rebel gaming youtube

Finally, we've been hobbying as much as possible in the Art of War Studios Bunker. Chris has been getting into Battletech and has his first Lance ready, painted up in House Davion colours. In the coming weeks we'll start sharing some more pics of what we've been up too, and we'd love to see some of your own projects!

So that's it for this week. Let us know what you've been painting and playing, and how the hobby has been helping you through these difficult times. Stay safe out there people, keep smiling and keep rolling those dice!

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