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Lockdown continues, but the dice are still rolling! Whether you're battling on Zoom, embroiled in solo gaming or just focusing on building and painting, this week's Frontline News has something for you!

light eltharion sigmar games workshop

Greetings, fellow Vault Dwellers! When it comes to taking a break from the same four walls, nothing says escapism like a new Age of Sigmar army. Following the etch-a-sketch end of the universe that was the end of the Old World and the beginning or the Mortal Realms, the Lumineth Realm Lords picked up the pointy helmets and sweeping capes from the High Elves and ran with them. The result is an army that looks stunning.

eltharion lumineth sigmar

But every general knows you don't win wars with aesthetics. You win them with massive magic swords with sickening special rules. Games Workshop has provided an insight into what makes the Light of Eltharion such a master duellist, combining an impressive array of accuracy, rending and damage with bonuses to the wound roll for charging and extra mortal wounds on rolls of 6. Coupled with his remarkable durability it's going to be hard for Lumineth players to leave this warrior on the benches.

zoat games workshop

If you're looking for a nostalgia hit, this lovely article on the humble Zoat is sure to hit the spot. Many will remember the heady days of flock bases with green trim (in the 90s, even Necromunda gangers ran about on beautifully-maintained lawns). Back then the Zoats fell under Tyranid dominion, appearing in battle alongside genestealers and termagants. Now, they're a sinister and ancient race with a presence in the Blackstone Fortress, and they look amazing.

zoat blackstone fortress games workshop

With so many gribbly aliens appearing out of the shadows of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, armed to the teeth with exotic and fearsome weaponry, humanity is going to need an effective deterrent. We recommend nuking the sight from orbit.

40k fusilave adeptus mechanicus

mechanicus fusilave

If dropping high explosives from a great height factors into your battle plans, then rejoice, because the Adeptus Mechanicus Fusilave provides the solution to xenos incursions. With the option to equip it with tectomagnic bombs, mechanicus armies will be pulverising their foes with seismic waves for centuries to come!

CMON dream on

If you're looking for a fun, inventive game to see you through lockdown, take a look at Dream On! from CMON. This print and play taster for the full game provides you with 56 cards, challenging players to enter a wildly imaginative collective dream, which they are then challenged to remember. This is a really clever idea, and should keep the whole Vault entertained!

battletech clans kickstarter

If you're the kind of gamer who dreams of piloting giant robots, there's still time to sign up for Catalyst Games' kickstarter for Battletech: Clan Invasion. One of the few wargames to rival Warhammer 40,000 in terms of longevity, Battletech is still going strong, and the new sculpts from Catalyst have taken on board the new, militaristic look of the MechWarrior series whilst still retaining the essential character of the original designs. It may not have been designed with this is mind but it is also a fun solo game, allowing you to recreate some of the key battles that have been waged throughout the Inner Sphere's long and turbulent history.

infinity the game code one

Finally this week, another reminder that you can still snipe, hack, impersonate and assassinate your enemies, even in lockdown. We've been playing plenty of games on Steam using Tabletop Simulator, including Infinity. Many players in the community have been using this platform to try out the new rules for CODE ONE, seen as not only a gateway to Infinity for new players, but also a quicker, leaner version of the main game for those with just an hour to kill. If you've not tried Tabletop Simulator, we heartily recommend it!

That's all for this week. We hope you're staying safe and healthy, and that you're still managing to get some games in!

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