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Seeking to brush up on your negotiating skills? Looking for entry to the House of Blades? Wondering how your Inquisitors are going to handle the coming storm of Ninth Edition Warhammer 40,000? Frontline News has your back!

padme amidala legion star wars ffg

With lockdown loosening, UK gamers are starting to reach for their dice bags again. All that remains is to negotiate a path through the labyrinthine rules and regulations of just what we can get away with under the present conditions. Talking of negotiations (what a silky-smooth segue!) Fantasy Flight Games has unveiled a new unit for Star Wars Legion: Senator Padmé "aggressive negotiations" Amidala!

Players can choose the model's weapons and wardrobe, but it's Amidala's abilities on the field that mark her out. She's able to generate an abundance of green tokens which can then be spent by nearby friendly units, reduce the effect of enemy suppression, and can even infiltrate the battlefield with the Diplomatic Cover ability. She's going to be a force multiplier that will certainly find a place in many Galactic Republic armies.

house of blades necromunda games workshop

Dangerous gun-toting femme fatales don't just exist a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. They're also fighting brutal turf wars in the murky underhives of the far future. House of Blades represents Necromunda's next step in fleshing out the underhive and focuses on House Escher. With new units such as the nomadic Wyld Runners, who can attach grenades to their arrows, your gangs will be able to strike hard and fast against their foes. In the latter quarter of this year we'll also see House of Iron, focusing on the Orlocks, with a book dedicated to Van Saar following a few months later. Exciting times for the underhive!

steamforged games godtear keera

If you prefer your heroines dispensing justice via a torrent of dragonfire, then you'll love this sneak peek from Steamforged Games. Keera is a new character in Godtear, and she's flanked by several dragons. We can only imagine how terrifying this flame-spewing phalanx is going to be, and can't wait for more details.

kyria draxus pariah inquisition 40k games workshop

Talking of formidable ladies with a penchant for dragons, let's take a look at Pariah. The next instalment of Games Workshop's Psychic Awakening series will see Kyria Praxis sally forth onto the grimdark battlefields of Warhammer 40,000. An elite Inquisitor, she carries a stylish and deadly shuriken catapult called Dirgesinger which can pierce even the toughest armour, paralysis grenades and a familiar with the ability to sling Smites at enemies that would otherwise be safe from such psychic attacks. 

Also in this tome are new warlord traits, psychic powers and stratagems to add to the inquisition's arsenal. On one hand, this all means that the new edition will still require players to juggle several hardcover books at once when running an army - even if that army only consists on a single faction. On the other hand... some of these new rules are glorious. Just check out 'Clandestine Operation' for 1 command point!

pariah 40k games workshop

Want to get in close and unleash the insidious powers of the Telesthesia discipline on an unsuspecting foe? Well, grab a copy of Pariah and you can do just that!

pariah illuminor szeras necrons 40k

Coming to upset the Imperium's party is Illuminor Szeras. Another character from Pariah, he's seems to be the fiend responsible for granting the Necrons their tragic brand of immortality. With Blackstone technology and super-advanced weapons, he's going to present a real problem for humanity's heroes... and a wonderful challenge to miniature painters. 

That's all for this week. Will you be fighting alongside the inquisition to preserve the light of humanity, or helping the Necrons turn everyone into Egyptian Cybermen? 

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