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Forget social distancing! This week we see Bounty Hunters, Fantasy Generals and Mad Titans mixing it up on the tabletop stage in another edition of Frontline News!

infinity corvus belli securitate

Corvus Belli is renowned for the quality of its metal miniatures, and its June releases are as exquisite as we've come to expect. In an industry crammed with exaggerated superhuman warriors and smokestack retro-futuristic technology, Infinity's space opera style stands out. Amongst the slew of new models is this supercool Securitate gunman for the Tunguska Sectorial, who wields a Feuerbach, capable of punching holes is organic targets and mecha alike.

panoceania winterfor infinity

Also incoming are the splendid add-on packs for the new two player set, Beyond Kaldstrom. The expansions add to your available troops, including elite units to help you outmanoeuvre, outwit and outgun your opponent. 

cad bane star wars legion

Someone who's never been outwitted or outgunned is Cad Bane, bounty hunter extraordinaire. Fantasy Flight Games has unleashed this lethal gunslinger onto the Star Wars Legion battlefield, armed with electro gauntlets, smoke grenades and rocket boots - not to mention the ability to manipulate his enemies to tip the scales in his favour. This guy looks like an absolute riot to run and we're looking forward to seeing him in action.

thanos crisis protocol

This next one is... well, inevitable. Thanos is coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol and he looks pretty amazing. Complete with a throne and various components to enable you to build the Mad Titan of your dreams, he'll certainly be a devastating foe to face. Especially if he's wearing the golden oven-glove of destiny!

elder scrolls adventurer followers allies

Modiphius has given players of the Elder Scrolls miniatures game a glimpse of the new Adventurer Followers and Allies sets. The miniatures for this fun game have been very dynamic so far, and these are no exception. Rather than playing like a coherent force, this faction instead allows you to utilise a wide array of skills and abilities to create a Swiss army knife capable of causing your opponents all sorts of problems.

games workshop general's handbook

Games Workshop's mass battle game Age of Sigmar is getting another spring clean with the Generals' Handbook 2020. Featuring rules for multiplayer games, Skybattles and a wide array of Battleplans, the tome seeks to increase the size of the Mortal Realms sandpit to incorporate a wealth of new gameplay options.

That's all for this week. If the scenes at Britain's beaches are anything to go by, people are starting to mingle again. For those eager to get back to gaming, stay safe and if you're going to clash with an opponent over an ash-choked battlefield of war and ruin, with nought but a desire for mutual destruction, please do so responsibly! Best of luck out there, people, and as always, happy gaming!

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