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Ever felt that the Seperatists needed more droids, or that the Imperium didn't have enough tanks? Then this edition of Frontline News is for you!

BX droid commandos legion star wars ffg

Star Wars Legion's Separatist faction has access to a wide array of units, weapons systems and unique tactical options, and can flood the field of battle with wave after wave of ruthless droids. In an attempt to provide a foil for the more elite units of the faction's enemies, Fantasy Flight Games has bolted together a new brand of deadly machine: the BX Series Droid Commando.

With numerous combat options including vibroswords and sniper rifles, the BX series can also unleash poison gas to neutralise troublesome organic opponents. They're also more manoeuvrable than their cruder comrades, able to scale terrain and keep up with more agile foes. If you're commanding droids, you need to run some of these guys off your assembly lines.

bloody mummers asoiaf cmon

Not every elite unit is programmed with unswerving loyalty to the cause. The Bloody Mummers sell their talents to the highest bidder, ensuring that every faction in CMON's A Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game has access to a flamboyant detachment of mercenaries. Lightly armoured they may be, but these sellswords - mounted on zorses (see what they did there?) - are hard to pin down. Able to make a free move at the start of their activation, they can easily outflank a careless foe, and although their armour is low and their morale is as poor as you'd expect from warriors who don't care about the cause, they hit hard and can weaken opponents caught in the side or rear. 

gladiator valiant 40k games workshop

With 9th Edition Warhammer 40,000 now blazing a trail through a lockdown-suppressed tabletop gaming world, players are already working out how they're going to compete for glory on the battlefield. Games Workshop has already revealed a surefire way for the Space Marines to deal with hordes of lightly-armoured enemies, such as Orks or Cultists: the Gladiator. Armed with twin heavy onslaught gatling cannons (try saying that with your facemask on) and aptly-named tempest bolters, the Reaper variant is a bucket of dice on grav-generators. 

gladiator valiant 40k games workshop

Alternatively, the Valiant variant has a couple of multi-meltas and las-talons to put big, smoking holes in enemy armour. The third variant, the Lancer, is armed with a massive laser cannon designed to execute large targets from afar. Looks like the Adeptus Astartes are going to be bringing the rain in this new edition.

necron 40k ninth monolith

The mighty Necron Monolith has been re imagined for the new edition. It's more detailed than before, with sinister malevolence etched into every panel. The sight of a partly-materialised Necron Warrior emerging from the Tardis-like interior of the machine is one of those delightful details we're getting from Games Workshop sculpts these days, and we're sure it's going to provide players with a durable combination of transport craft, tank and mobile bastion. 

adeptus sororitas 40k games workshop

Finally this week, the Adeptus Sororitas have a new character unit. The Palatine helps to lead the Sisters of Battle towards victory, smiting heretics as she goes. We imagine that she'll provide an aura ability for her fellow warrior nuns, either buffing their morale or combat abilities. We'll just have to wait and see!

That's all for this week. Once again, we happy armchair generals have more units to choose from when assembling our forces. Let us know if any of these are going to find their way into your army!

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