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In the wake of 9th edition 40k, waves of new releases have been unleashed. Let's throw on some spandex and embrace our uniqueness with a special mutated edition of Frontline News!

crisis protocol marvel x-man wolverine

As the great behemoth that is Warhammer 40,000 9th edition passed overhead, we could forgive other tabletop gaming companies holding position until the field was clear. Now that the shock and awe of Games Workshop's launch campaign has started to fade, we can begin to examine what other delights the industry has to offer besides eternal war in the grimdark.

punisher marvel crisis protocol

First off, Atomic Mass Games have revealed a bustling roster of new superheroes, vigilantes and threats to humanity. Wolverine isn't the only mutant in the list, as the X-Men explode onto the scene. The sculpts capture the comic book style perfectly and fans of the X-Men movies will soon be able to fight pitched battles between Professor X's team of heroes and Magneto's mutant supremacists. With other awesome characters like She-Hulk and Bullseye, players will have even more choice when it comes to building forces capable of saving the world - or conquering it!

star wars legion ffg

Fantasy Flight Games have also launched a fleet of new models for Star Wars Legion. First up is Anakin Skywalker, who as we all know was supposed to be the chosen one, but ended up killing younglings and plunging the galaxy into darkness. Capable of awesome counter-attacks, he's also weak to temptation, something a canny foe can exploit.

Republic specialists personnel expansion ffg legion

Also coming up is the Republic specialists personnel expansion, to provide the clone army with expert leadership and guidance. Able to use scanners to discover enemy positions and predict attacks, they can assist nearby units by dishing out dodge tokens. Another release on the horizon is Darth Maul, which is very exciting! We're already humming Duel of the Fates while we anticipate his appearance.

clan wren ffg star wars legion

Finally for Legion, Clan Wren is swooping down onto the battlefield ready to unleash some Mandalorian fury. With a lethal combination of speed, durability and martial prowess, they use jetpacks and ascension cables to get the drop on enemy troops and their jetpack rockets and EMP grenades can deal with anything the foe can throw at them. Add a Baskad Duellist to the squad and you'll have an answer to any melee challenges, too.

TIE rb xwing ffg star wars

Sticking with Star Wars, a new wave of ships is coming to X-Wing. The TIE/rb is fitted with laser cannons and droid integration whereas the Eta-2 Actis Interceptor relies on its lightweight frame and agility as well as the skill of Jedi pilots. With V-Wings, Tri-Fighters and X-Wing heroes hitting your 3x3 mats over the next few weeks, squad leaders of every faction will find something to fit into their force.

armada star wars ffg galactic republic

It's been a while since we reported on Star Wars Armada, but our long-range scans have picked up a fleet on the edge of the system. New Galactic Republic Fleet and Fighter sets are en route, led by an impressive Acclamator Assault Ship. The Separatists are amassing their forces too, with Hardcell Cruisers flanking a devastating Munificent-class Frigate. A new set of Fleet Essentials provides players with a wealth of cards including Admiral Akbar, Admiral Piett, and more.

dark tidings ffg keyforge

FFG aren't done with us yet! A new KeyForge set is on the way. Entitled Dark Tidings, this new stage in the saga brings 250 new cards into play, allowing players to explore the depths of the Crucible's vast oceans in search of treasure, excitement and amusing deck names. Most interesting is that this set will include Evil Twin variants of several notable creatures, enhancing the richness of this zany game world still further.

qin xa white scars games workshop 40k horus heresy

For those of you concerned that this edition of Frontline News hasn't been crammed with Games Workshop goodness, don't worry, nothing's wrong. They're still in business! And to prove it, here's the latest from Forge World, Qin Xa of the White Scars. As with many Horus Heresy units, I'm always a little disappointed that they don't also have rules for Warhammer 40,000 as some of these units are supercool. Qin Xa is certainly pretty nifty with the Tails of the Dragon, his matching blades that allow him to select between slicing with precision, and hacking with wild abandon. The White Scars have a unique aesthetic and I'm not personally struck on this particular model, but the base - featuring a slaughtered Contemptor - is superb. 

games workshop ninth edition 40k starter

Finally, for those who missed out on Indomitus, the launch box for Warhammer 40,000 9th edition, three new starter sets are being squeezed into drop pods right now ready to provide current players with reinforcements, or new players with a precise entry point into the game. The Recruit, Elite and Command editions all come with a variety of models from the new Primaris and Necron ranges, alongside rules, mats and terrain. Get your war on!

That's all for this week. We hope you're getting the chance to roll dice again, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Marvel Crisis Protocol and Legion releases!

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