Game On! Resident Evil 2 Boardgame, Starfinder and Necromunda!

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Hey gamers!

How's the week treating you? We had a few interesting developments in the world of gaming this week, so let's dive right in and find out more, shall we?

Firstly, yesterday saw the final reveal of Steamforged Game's newest product - the Resident Evil 2 Boardgame. They've been sneaking out their Trash Panda Metropolis poster for a little while now, so those of us in the know knew that something Resident Evil was coming (Racoon City?), but I am pleasantly surprised that it's going to focus on Resident Evil 2. I see it as the apex of the series, when the focus was very much on a zombie apocalypse, with the weirder creatures only really showing up the further you dove into the Racoon City research complex. It took all the good parts of the first game and polished them off, giving you a perfect zombie survival game that I believe hasn't been beaten since. As for the boardgame, actual details are scarce, but I would say it's same to assume that characters and locales from the game will most probably be included - I do hope to see Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield facing off against William Burkin...

We are also approaching the release of Paizo's Starfinder, the space-opera successor to their sword and sorcery RPG, Pathfinder. This insanely popular tabletop game took the world by storm in the last decade or so, spawning countless supplements, a vast and insanely useful wiki and a legion of fans. It also lead to the creation of my favourite podcast - the Glass Cannon Podcast. Starfinder looks like it's keeping as close to it's predecessor's roots as possible, with similar systems revamped and tweaked for the setting, and a plethora of interesting species and technology to really get that sci-fi vibe. I'm very much looking forward to nosing through the book and I'll be looking to get involved in a game as soon as possible! 

And, of course, there was the big Necromunda reveal. Understandably, this seems to have produced a fair bit of froth in the wargaming community, and I can honestly say that everyone I know and game with is already planning their gang and desperate for more details. We've only had the Escher and Goliath sculpts revealed so far, but I really do feel that the cover art is a Ratskin Renegade - though I'm probably just projecting my own hopes! Regardless, I am pretty confident that tables across the country, and probably the world, will soon become staging grounds for Underhive gang-fights and the tears of gamers who roll poorly in the post-battle sequence...

With Gen con literally on our doorstep, I expect we'll have a metric tonne of new information to talk about next week, but for now, what do you think about this weeks news? Will you be backing Steamforged's Resident Evil 2 game? What gangs will you run in Necromunda?

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