New, Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire token set - as featured on Beasts of War!

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One of the things we absolutely love here at Art of War Studios is a crisp game design. A sleek, fluid system that makes sense, contains balance and still offers excitement and a healthy risk/reward situation is our idea of perfection - and it is difficult to find! 

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Games Workshop Art of War Studios

So when we started playing Shadespire, we very, very quickly fell in love with it. The fast gameplay and simple core rules make the game immediately accessible, while the card mechanics and three turn framework creates both a blossoming level of complexity, and a strict limit to what you can accomplish with the resources you've compiled. In short, it's a great competitive game. 

Factor in the OP support, the exceptionally accessible price-point, and the quick-assembly miniatures, and you have a very well-thought out product, that we can see doing exceptionally well - with the right support. But this support doesn't just need to come from Games Workshop; players and FLGS need to work together to create the communities that foster and grow the game, or it just won't last - not in our current market of quickly here, quickly gone kickstarters.

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Games Workshop Art of War Studios

There are some fantastic groups out there already - the Shadeglass website is a phenomenal resource, that's already regularly updating the community with useful information, while numerous facebook groups have appeared, providing gamers with quick rules info, deck suggestions and cool painted pics. 

As a player, you can help grow and sustain the game by simply playing; share it with your friends, gaming buddies and even non-gaming buddies; it has such simple core rules that anyone can easily pick it up. It's also a nice bridge for those of you who have CCG friends interested in Wargaming, or Wargamers interested in CCGs! 

Now, we obviously needed to get involved, so we made ourselves some cooler, acrylic tokens; you know how we like our shinies! We went for a simple design that's easily recognisable, shying away from double-sided tokens, as we find that they never look as good as the single-sided. Seems we did something right; Beasts of War saw fit to display our stuff on their website

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Games Workshop Art of War Studios

You can grab yourself some of these right now to start using in your own games by checking out our webstore - go on, treat yourself! 

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