Gencon always makes us start new projects...

Posted by Grantt Ennis on

We love Gencon!

It's that time of year when we get to celebrate our hobbies and games and eagerly anticipate all the new releases. This year, we've got our eyes on Wyrd with all those new crew boxes (and we're seriously considering that Nightmare crew) and Corvus Belli - will Red Veil be the tipping point for Grantt to start that Yu Jing faction he's always considered?

Talking of starting projects, will any of you start a new project off the back of Gencon? A new army: Crew? Faction? Team? Terrain table? I'm gonna try and get Kallie into Malifaux by purchasing her first crew box - but I can't decide between Titania or Reva..? Let us know in the comments of our blog. 

I guess I should also mention our webstore! We've just released a whole slew of new Infinity tokens and templates; save for one or two that slipped through the net, we should have a token for everything needed in the game. We particularly like our standing smoke and white noise tokens, our holo-echo tokens and our ninja camo markers. We also have loads of new stuff for malifaux, with widgets and new tokens, and Guild Ball - those Kick Path templates are already selling exceedingly fast! 

As if that wasn't cool enough, to celebrate Gencon, we're offering free shipping WORLDWIDE with all our orders until Monday - just use the code GENCON2016 when you make your order. 

Happy Gaming! 

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  • We will be lowering our free shipping threshold to £10 – any order of £10 or over will instantly receive free worldwide shipping. This means that we can also offer discounts on top of the free shipping! Keep your eyes peeled for more information tomorrow!

    Grantt on
  • Will there be free worldwide shipping for GenCon again this year? Stoked to order tokens from you guys :)

    JOn oLson on

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