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Posted by Grantt Ennis on

We've hit a major snag; our brand new awesome offices need unexpected and urgent maintenance work, which means we are gonna have to close down manufacturing for two weeks. Because we're honest, we're being upfront with you guys and letting you know before you buy anything; we won't be able to process your order until after September 19th. 

Now, this could kill our sales for two weeks - and having just moved our entire operation into our new premises, going two weeks without many sales will potentially kill us! So we need your help. 

Please buy stuff! We've created a 15% discount code - CHEAPSTUFF - for you to get 15% off any order you make with us between the 30th August and the 19th September. This is one of the largest sales we've ever had, so best to take advantage of it now! 

Secondly, and perhaps most exciting, is that we've decided to hold a prerelease for our brand new range of products; our first Terrain line. This range wasn't supposed to be released until next year, and still won't be, but you have the opportunity to get your hands on some much earlier than anyone else! 

If you order any of our NeoTokyo range during the Pre-release event, we will make and send you those products as soon as we get back into the office - so by early October. These are finished products that we have ready to go; it's not like a Kickstarter where there may be complications. We'll make and send your order to you as soon as we get back into the offices! 

And did I mention the best part? You can also use that 15% off code to get EVEN MORE MONEY OFF. That's right; I'm actually insane. 

The only downside is that we've got a limited amount of these buildings that we can sell at this stage; so make sure you act fast and get what you need quickly!

So yeah; please treat yourself and help a small company like ours overcome a tricky situation! We've always been blown away by how supportive you all are, and we appreciate everything you guys do for us; we're sorry to ask for more! 

But hopefully the savings and savagely awesome new terrain will make it up to you! 

Have a good few weeks and please spend lots of money! 

Grantt & Kallie

The Art of War Studios team. 

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  • This goes up for preorder in November and will be released in early January!

    Grantt on
  • When is NeoTokyo available for general release? The online store doesn’t have any items for it?

    Mike on
  • Nevermind, found it in the side menu…

    Abdy on
  • This NeoTokyo range looks great – how can I order some?

    Andy on
  • How do we preorder the terrain. I can’t seem to find it in the shop.


    JOhn on

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