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Blackstone Fortress

Blackstone Fortress blew us away when it first landed. The miniatures were simply astonishing, and we love any game that allows players to explore a fresh aspect of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This wasn’t just elite soldiers bitterly fighting to capture an objective. This was a fun, engrossing adventure game featuring an array of unique characters. The dice pool mechanics really floated our boat, too. You always seem to be able to do something - and sometimes you need to improvise when the dice don’t go your way.

Blackstone Fortress Tokens

So it’s with delight that we reveal our new token set for Blackstone Fortress. Cut from acrylic with the designs filled with crayon, they pop off the table like a glyph from a far-future head-up display. Now you can replace your cardstock with a more durable alternative!

Blackstone Fortress Tokens

We know that some players prefer simple counter-style tokens, whereas others opt for a more 3D design. In light of this we’ve designed two different styles of token for some of the special abilities and effects in the game, so you can choose whether to have flat tokens or ones that jump out at you like a respawning monster.

Blackstone Fortress Tokens

As ever the design team has worked hard to ensure that the tokens are intuitive and practical. We’re especially proud of the traps. Simply turn them to arm and disarm them, revealing or hiding those nasty pointy teeth!

Blackstone Fortress Tokens

Special care has been taken over the character-specific tokens. Inferno catches the light beautifully, Rousing Speech and Force Shield are instantly recognisable and suit the universe perfectly. Cameleoline Cloak is simply stunning - in 2D it's a gleaming alien symbol... in 3D a sinister silhouette! Also available are tokens to support The Dreaded Ambull expansion!

Blackstone Fortress Tokens Dreaded Ambull

Both the 2D and 3D sets contain all the Wound and Grievous Wound tokens you'll need, as well as Discovery tokens, a spindle drone threat dial, inspiration dials, Stasis, Inferno and Force Shield tokens, and many more. Check out the store to see the full list!

So what are you waiting for, space adventurer? That archeotech won’t plunder itself! Time to gather your party and seek out those Strongholds!

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