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Infinity the game Busted mission

In today's post, we present a new mission for Infinity called BUSTED! In this mission, each army has come into possession of certain items of contraband material. With security forces of the intergovernmental organisation O-12 speeding towards the site, each army must attempt to dump the contraband as quickly as possible. Since this stuff is highly volatile, it is recommended that only well-trained personnel handle it... and that they should always wear gloves.

Since no opportunity should be missed to make the enemy look bad, each army is attempting to dump the contraband in the enemy deployment zone, to ensure that O-12 knows precisely who to blame!

So without further ado, here are the rules for this mission. It's based on Supplies, with a little bit of a twist.


Special rules: Contraband, Specialist Troops


Main Objectives

For each item of Contraband in the opponent's Deployment Zone at the end of the battle (1 Objective Point)

To have more items of Contraband in the opponent's Deployment Zone than your own at the end of the battle (3 Objective Points)

Classified Objectives

Each player has 1 Classified Objective (1 Objective Point each)


Both players will deploy on opposite sides of the game table, in a standard Deployment Zone 12 inches deep.

It is not permitted to deploy Troopers in base contact with an item of Contraband unless those Troopers are from a Focused Force (see below).


Troopers from army lists that consist of one Order Group and meet the criteria for a Limited Insertion list may deploy in base contact with items of Contraband.



There are a total of 6 items of Contraband. One must be placed in the centre of the edge of each player's Deployment Zone (12" into the table and 24" from each side of the table), with items of Contraband 8” either side. So at the start of the battle there will be three items of Contraband along the edge of each Deployment Zone.

The items of Contraband can be represented by tokens the size of a Silhouette 2 base. They do not block lines of sight or movement. They are not in supply boxes. They are considered neutral items so any item of Contraband can be interacted with by troopers from either army providing they follow the rules below.


Labels: Attack


The troop should be in one of the following situations:

Be in base contact with a figure in a null state with a Contraband marker.

Be in base contact with an allied troop in a Normal state with a Contraband marker.

Be in base contact with a Contraband marker.


Specialist troops, by spending one Short Skill, may pick up an item of Contraband in any of the situations previously mentioned.

Non-specialist troops must pass a WIP roll in order to pick up an item of Contraband in any of the situations previously mentioned.


Label: Attack

Requirements: the Trooper must be in possession of at least one item of Contraband.


By declaring a short skill the Trooper may drop a single item of Contraband in base contact.


Each miniature can carry a maximum of 1 item of Contraband. As an exception, Troops with the Baggage Special Skill and Doctors can carry up to 3 items of Contraband. Paramedics can carry up to 2 items of Contraband.

Only figures (not markers (Camo, Impersonation, Holoechoes...) can carry an item of Contraband.

The Contraband must always be kept on the table, even if the miniature which is carrying it passes to a Null state.


This scenario has a limited timeframe and will automatically finish at the end of the third game round.

If one of the players starts his active turn in a Retreat! state, the game will end at the end of that turn.

Did you enjoy this mission? We're planning several more, so let us know how it worked for you, and what you'd like to see in future!

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