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Guild Ball Art of War Studios

Some people are on the pitch! They think it’s all over… and now they’ve started hitting each other with hammers!

Many of you will already have heard our awesome news. For those who haven’t, our Guild Ball tokens are now OFFICIAL! It’s amazing to get the stamp of quality from Steamforged Games, after championing the game for so long. To mark this occasion, our design team has pulled out all the stops to make our latest token sets as gorgeous and practical as possible.

From the moment it landed, Guild Ball had a firm grip on our attention. The characterful minis, ease of play, innovative playbook mechanics and tactical depth just kept us coming back. We can’t quite believe we’re at Season 4 already, and the changes have made the game even slicker and more exciting.

Guild Ball Art of War

Guild Ball is of course a game where precision and bookkeeping are of paramount importance. We’ve designed our widgets accordingly, so you can wear your team colours with pride while checking those melee zones. The steppers provide a visually arresting method of planning your activations, or illustrating them for photo or video purposes. We find that these are also great for breaking the game down for new players, showing them step by step how to move, attack, dodge and then get into shooting range!

Guild Ball Art of War Studios
Now, when someone says, “How did you do that?” you can show them!

One of the coolest things about the latest set of tokens is the new design of the base-huggers. With some abilities requiring tokens to fit several different sizes of base, we wanted to find a way to provide a set without having to bloat it with duplicate tokens in case a larger model received an in-game buff or effect. We changed things up with a design that enables a single token to fit against both 30mm, 40mm and 50mm bases, without losing the overall shape and aesthetic. So now you can toss Tooled Up around with wild abandon!

Guild Ball Art of War Studios

Once you’ve got your official token set for your team, all ready for Season 4, there’s still one thing you need to do: share pics of your victories on facebook or twitter with the hashtag #AOWStudiosGB, with our tokens somewhere visible. Next Friday, we’ll pick one of you at random and boot a £10 voucher at you with all the verve and power of a Corbelli strike!

Thanks for reading, and good luck in your games! As always, check here for advice on colouring your tokens, and if you can’t find what you need on the webstore, just send us an email at enquiries@artofwarstudios.co.uk. Those of you who play the beautiful game should also keep an eye out for new releases... as ever, we have more awesome Guild Ball stuff in the pipeline!

Better get on the pitch, people, the crowd’s getting restless!

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