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The wargaming industry been a whirlwind of activity, unleashing a torrent of new releases, FAQs and announcements. There’s no way to list everything here, but here are a few things that caught our eye.

Games Workshop Sylvaneth

Games Workshop, which doesn’t seem to pause for breath these days, has some exciting releases coming up for pre-order next week. Two new warbands promise to add even more variety and depth to Warhammer Underworlds. Thundrik’s Profiteers sees a tight-knit band of Kharadron Overlords venture into the depths to seek out a few priceless relics, whilst Ylthari’s Guardians provides the option of commanding a Sylvaneth warband. We can’t wait to see what sort of abilities these wildly different sets bring to bear.

Kharadron Games Workshop

As we all wait with baited breath for the new edition of Malifaux, Wyrd have announced their Spring Sale. Running from the 14th to the 22nd of April, it provides a great opportunity to get hold of some alternative models, and a whole host of Malifaux miniatures that will come with the 3rd edition cards.


The new FAQ for Infinity has tidied up a few issues that the community had raised, including stamping out some cheap LOS exploits that made it a little too easy to deny opponents a meaningful reaction when attacked. The Corvus Belli team has done a good job of ensuring that the game continues to be played in the spirit they intended - not always easy when the system is as tactically rich and intricate, with full reactive play. Good stuff.

Infinity the Game

The next wave of ships for X-Wing 2.0 has also been revealed, including the dinky and characterful Nantex and the BTL-B. It’s super-exciting seeing where X-Wing is headed, with a whole new era open for exploration. There are some bigger ships coming too, with rereleases of the Tantive IV and others.

X Wing FFG

Back at base, our team at Art of War Studios is in the midst of a creative frenzy. Avasa, our new terrain for Infinity, will be the spiritual successor to the highly-regarded NeoCity range. Designed to be modular and cost-effective, it’s currently in the final stages and will be available soon. The team is also hard at work on tokens for the third edition of Malifaux, and we’re already scrapping over what faction we’re all going to play.

Ironclad 2048

We’re also hard at work on the full rules of our very own game, Ironclad 2048. We ran demos of this post-apocalyptic armoured combat game at Salute and it went down a storm. Now we’re working out secondary weapons, crew abilities and various other things, to give players an array of options and improved agency.

Our tokens for A Song of Ice and Fire appeared on Guerrilla Miniature Games, with a fine review by the legend that is Ash Barker. Check it out hereWe also launched our Quartermaster programme, which is designed to help clubs and FLGS make their resources stretch further. Contact us by email for more information!

Guild Ball

Finally, we’re running a random prize draw for a £10 voucher! All you need to do is share pics of your Guild Ball team either on display, or mid-game, on either facebook or twitter with the hashtag #AOWStudiosGB and we’ll enter you for the draw, which will take place on Friday!

Phew, that’s a lot of news. And it isn’t anywhere near exhaustive. We really are living in a new Golden Age of miniature gaming. What are you fine people excited for?

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