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It's Tuesday, time for us to talk about what we've been up to, hobby-wise!

There's been a lot going on lately, with our new releases for Infinity and Apocalypse hitting the webstore, and a secret project ready to drop this coming weekend (hopefully). But there's still been time to assemble, build, paint and play! 

star wars xwing ship

My return to X-Wing has continued apace. Although I'm focusing on Scum and Villainy, I'm still keen to break out some of the good guys, too, and started making some modifications to the enormous Ghost. I played around with some spare parts, some from a Tamiya WW2 weapons sprue and other bits from Gale Force 9's TANKS, to create a war machine that's bristling with firepower. I'm going to break out the airbrush when I decide what colour to do this. A dark green might work nicely.

tohaa infinity

A cheeky bit of alien WIP.

I've also fallen absolutely in love with the Tohaa faction in Infinity. Since getting into the game when Ice Storm dropped, I've played Nomads, HaqqIslam and Ariadna. But Tohaa really are something else.

With loads of exotic and unique technology, some incredible abilities (like the option to remove their Symbiont armour to escape the status effects of certain weapons) and downright filthy pheromone devices that allow you to cripple  enemy fireteams while hiding in full cover, they provide you with a fascinating toolkit.

I'm still finding my feet with them (including the Spiral Corps Tohaa Non-Aligned Army faction) but I can recommend them to any Infinity player; they're weird, challenging and cool in a very different way to everything else, and they might just be the best chance we have of defeating the foul Combined Army menace!

dark angels terminator

Finally I've been adding a few touches to my Deathwing. Although Terminators aren't considered particularly cost-effective in 8th edition 40K, I find the Deathwing Assault stratagem useful, especially for clearing shield drones and things like that. With games of Apocalypse on the horizon, I want to bring two full squads of Terminators to the field, so I'm revisiting a few of these minis - including this conversion, with the jawline of a Beast of Caliban adorning his carapace armour.

Everyone else has been busy, too! Kallie's been working on her Moonstone models and they're starting to look amazing. When she's ready, we'll show you just how stunning these miniatures are! Aerial has been adding to her D&D models, and we can't wait to see them!

Grantt, meanwhile, has been running another of his phenomenal D&D campaigns. Halfway through the first session, our merry band of travellers got menaced by a dragon and had to flee from a horde of hobgoblins. We all got to make use of our very own Player Tracker Sheets too! It was an awesome start, forcing the party to pull together immediately. He's also started on his Tau army, for an upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse campaign. We'll share some pics soon!

So what have you all been working on? Show us your hobby pics below. We'll pick the best one and send you a 10% voucher code!

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