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Every Monday we bring you our take on what's fresh in the industry and take a closer look at some of the most exciting new releases. It's time for Frontline News!

We were warned! Games Workshop said that Apocalypse would allow us to wage bigger battles, and you can't get much bigger than Titans! The latest Faction Focus gives us all a glimpse of just how impressive and spectacular Apocalypse games can be. 

eldar titan

As well as gigantic abominations like the Giant Squiggoth and the Hierophant bio-titan, Apocalypse also gives players the chance to field devastating war machines like the Warbringer Nemesis Titan. This behemoth carries the Nemesis Quake Cannon, which can lay down a terrifying barrage on enemies, wherever they hide!

nemesis titan

Apocalypse continues to make our jaws drop, and if you're thinking about taking to the field, be sure to check out our movement trays and tokens

art of war studios movement tray

A movement tray designed for Battlesuits and Drones!

We loved Blackstone Fortress here at the Studios, even writing our own rules for a 'Hard Mode' to inject longer life into the campaign. So we're keen to try out the new Traitor Command expansion!

traitor guardsmen blackstone

Once again, the miniatures are superb, with many a hero certain to fall to a crushing blow from the Commissar’s power fist! Will you be able to stop the traitors from completing their fell ritual? There’s only one way to find out!

chaos knight

Chaos Knights are up for pre-order, so if you've abandoned the Emperor's light, and seek to conquer and enslave the universe in the name of some foul entity of the Warp, you can bring some formidable firepower to the table!

If you're seeking a hast, hard-hitting attack option for your games of Star Wars Legion, look no further than the BARC speeder! Versatile, durable and able to be upgraded to a bristling weapons platform, this is a must for Clone Wars-era commanders.

barc speeder

If you prefer your soldiers to be of the more mechanical variety, then the Droideka expansion is for you! With shields, blaster cannons and the option to zoom into battle in wheel mode, these characterful units will look stunning on the tabletop!


If you prefer to settle your differences on the pitch rather than on some distant planet, the Wood Elf team for Blood Bowl might be a great option! Skilful and swift, these gorgeous minis will dance around your blockers!

 wood elf blood bowl

On the A Song of Ice and Fire front, there's a great unboxing of the Savage Giants by the Beasts of War over at OnTableTop! These stunning minis are truly imposing, and can lay waste to even the most heavily-armoured units whilst shrugging off the kind of blows that would fell most men!

As the new releases come thick and fast, we're struggling to work out what to buy first! Let us know what you've been looking forward to, and if we missed anything!

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