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It's Tuesday, let's see what everyone's been up to, hobby-wise! If it can be built, painted or pushed around a tabletop, it's time to share it with Hobby HQ!

Here at the studios, we've been consumed with excitement about Apocalypse. Those of us with 40k armies have been eager to bring them to the table and unleash them in all their glory.

apocalypse 40k tau games workshop
Grantt's been adding to his Tau, and this fearsome Riptide is the latest recruit. It's big, chunky and is certain to chew through whatever is arrayed against it. To make sure it can deal with a myriad enemy threats, Grantt's preparing a whole arsenal of bolt-on death-dealing alien tech, including an Ion Accelerator and Heavy Burst Cannon. The pose is great, making the Riptide look like it's shrugging off an ineffective enemy fusillade as it prepares to smash through the enemy line. 

riptide art of war studios tau

While the vile alien menace grows in strength, threatening to overwhelm the defenders of humanity, I've been focusing on an entirely different universe. I've been playing a lot of Infinity recently and have fallen for the Tohaa faction. Whether these aliens want to help the human race protect itself against the devastating incursions of the Combined Army, or are simply using the Human Sphere as a meat shield, remains to be seen. But on the tabletop they are exotic, weird and a lot of fun.

infinity the game art of war studios kriza tohaa

Wanting to make the Tohaa models stand out against the rest of my collection, I opted for a palate of... well, let's be honest, vegetable colours. The blend of greens, yellows, browns and oranges sets them apart from the bolder, starker colour schemes of my other armies. The above model is actually a Nomad Kriza Boracs, a heavy infantry capable of devastating power. Thing is, I've got an Azra'il model that I use as a Kriza, and I'm quite attached to it, so this guy's being used to stand in for a Kiel-Saan with a Mk12.

kiiutan corvus belli infinity

The Kiiutan, a key piece in the Spiral Corps and Tohaa armies, is an excellent unit. Able to pretend to be an enemy soldier and sneak into the opponent's deployment zone, it is insidious, durable and deadly. I went for the same muted, earthy tones, with a skull-like white facemask. I'm really keen to get these guys based now, so that the army can start coming together!

So what have you been up to? Are you building a massive army set to conquer the galaxy in games of Apocalypse, or is skirmish more your thing? 

In other news, we're busy working on some awesome new lines, so our Armada range is going to be discontinued. So, Admirals, this is your last chance to buy these tokens! When the new lines arrive, they'll be taken off the site. So move fast!

armada tokens

This is your last chance to buy Armada tokens! 

art of war studios apocalypse tokens

infinity the game tokens

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