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Every Monday we bring you our take on what's fresh in the industry and take a closer look at some of the most exciting new releases. It's time for Frontline News!

You know, there hasn't really been a quiet week when it comes to Frontline News, and this week is no exception. We're being hammered by a wrathful mob of fantastic new releases, with no chance of escape!

infinity the game corvus wildfire

First up, the new Infinity starter set, Operation Wildfire, has everyone's head turning. Featuring a force of devious alien Shasvastii and a brand new faction, O-12, it includes awesome cardstock scenery, a playing guide, two full forces of stunning models, and more. As if that wasn't enough to get people excited, we've already spotted the Advance Pack. This add-on expands on the armies in Operation Wildfire with a selection of extra units.

We can't wait to see the profiles and what new tech these armies are bringing to the fight!

sylvaneth spells games workshop

Its pre-order time for the Sylvaneth! With a new Battletome, backed up by Awakened Wyldwoods and Endless Spells, Age of Sigmar generals will have a whole host of new units and options available to them. The spells themselves are absolutely jaw-dropping, featuring a hovering tree with skeletons tangled up in the roots! 

games workshop warcry

Angry trees are all well and good, but Games Workshop's new offering Warcry raises our anticipation to a whole new level. We've all seen the warbands, drip-fed to us over the last few weeks and including some absolutely stunning and characterful models. Now we're desperate to discover more about what this game has to offer.

 games workshop warcry

So will this be the new Mordheim? Perhaps the fantasy version of Kill Team or Necromunda? Hopefully the new system has enough depth to keep people playing, and to enable an enduring community to grow. Having been blown away by the models, and excited by the prospect of a proper fantasy skirmish rules set, I'm personally looking for something that can be played casually but also has a rich and expansive campaign aspect. 

warcry factions

Games Workshop have teased us with the option to play "tournament tier" games, multiplayer battles and campaigns, so it looks as though there'll be something for everyone! There are certainly going to be several factions available from the outset, too, so your whole gaming club can get involved.

One thing is for sure... we're certainly going to be keeping a close eye on this one!

x wing naboo

Finally - not because this is everything the industry has to offer this week, but because we need to think of the wellbeing of our wallets! - Wave IV is now available for X-Wing 2.0! Including a range of supercool ships, from the Naboo starfighter to the TIE Silencer, the Falcon and Decimator, it also includes a revamped B-Wing with rotating turret and folding wings!

That's a lot to process. From the new Infinity faction to Warcry, and a host of new Star Wars vessels, I'm going to have to go without food for a little while because I need ALL of this! How about you? What's got you dipping into your savings this week?

apocalypse 40k warhammer tokens

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