How do our Trackers help your RPG games?

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We've all been there; four or five levels into our latest character, having spent and refilled all our hit points countless times - and out hit point box looks like a greyed out square where graphite went to die. Or worse still, has become a fragile remnant of its former self that you dare not touch in case it disintegrates. You then start writing your hit points everywhere else on the sheet - or print a new one, trying not to think of how much printer ink this is costing you. 

My OCD is tingling.

Well, no more! Our Trackers are designed to save you paper and time, allowing you to focus on your game and not so much on your book-keeping. Each Tracker is made of clear, laser-cut perspex, with boxes engraved for each of the regularly changing resources.

During your game, you can use a dry-erase pen to quickly note down, erase, and rewrite your changing fortunes (both literal and metaphysical - and physical, in the case of hit points), making sure that your character sheet lasts a little longer. You can keep track of your hit points, temporary hit points, hit dice and death saves, which makes tracking your characters health pretty damn easy!


You also have boxes for Spell Slots, to help you keep an eye on what you've got left to unleash, and coin - particularly useful if you're shopping, or in a dungeon with lots of available coinage. 

Lastly, you have boxes for any abilities that reset after short or long rests, which makes it easy to keep track of class or race abilities like Wild Shape, Dragons Breath, or Healing Touch. There's also a little box to note down any conditions, such as poison or worse - or maybe better!

If you're a DM, then don't feel left out; we've got a double-sized DM Tracker just for you, with 12 Hit Point boxes to cover encounters full of monsters, an initiative tracker, and a note box for tracking lair actions, and anything else thats needed. Again, this is laser-cut from clear perspex, allowing you to lay it over an open Monsters Manual so that you can read the rules while you track the hit points of your encounter. We know there's not much space behind that DM screen, after all!

So there you have it - our D&D Trackers are great little tools to help you run your D&D games, making it quick and easy to keep up with your resources and focus instead on what's important - the unfolding story! 

Both the Player and DM trackers are available to purchase right now from our website. We also have  range of tokens to help you keep track of conditions during your games, and we update this range constantly. And if you play other games, such as Starfinder, Vampire, Edge of the Empire and more - we've got trackers for those in the pipe-line too! 

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