The Industry Sector Terrain System

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Back in April, we released the Industry Sector terrain line - an industrial gothic themed line ideal for games like Necromunda. We wanted to take a look at that terrain here, because we think it's pretty awesome! 

Industry Sector Table for Necromunda

The terrain is all laser cut from MDF, designed to be easy to put together and easy to pack flat. It's made up of platforms, towers and bulkheads, all inter-changable, allowing you to create any combination you want. Simply glue together the Towers and the Bulkheads, and then you're ready to go. 

A Large Complex packed Flat and Ready to go!

The Bulkheads can be push-fit to any 3mm platform, so not just with our terrain, but with any of a similar size. Each bulkhead can be stacked atop of another, allowing you to build upward, as well as outward, giving you the option of making a truly sprawling network of complexes and walkways. 

Towers, Bulkheads and Platforms - made any way you want!

Being MDF, the terrain is very affordable; a densely packed 4x4 foot table (suitable for Necromunda, Infinity, and more) would cost around £150-£200, while two or three complexes are perfect for filling out a 40K battlefield. Most of the complexes are stackable, which means that you can either cover more table space, or create more towering structures - or a combination of the two! 

An Entire Table of Industry Sector Terrain!

The Industry Sector terrain is also designed to work really well with Games Workshop's Sector Mechanicus terrain, sharing similar dimensions to make it even easier to include this terrain in your games alongside your current terrain collections.

Industry Sector works great alongside Official Games Workshop stuff

Lastly, Industry Sector works with our already very popular Industrial Hive terrain; you can stack sections of the Industrial Hive (also available separately) to create wider, sight-blocking pillars for your table. 

Works with our Industrial Hive... ... Looks great, and adds another layer of variation!

All in all, the Industrial Sector terrain system is a great addition to your collections, giving you a versatile, cost effective table that looks fantastic, either on its own, or with your existing terrain! 

Industial Sector Terrain from Art of War Studios

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