I'm loving the Frostgrave!

Posted by Grantt Ennis on

Hey y'all! 

Just a quick update today to let you kno wtwo awesome things; 

Firstly, we're finally completely caught up. Any new order should get dispatched within our usual 3/4 day turnaround time, which is very satisfying! Yay! We caught up!

Secondly, and perhaps even cooler, is that we just released our Frostgrave tokens. These are cool little guys designed to look great to the table. We love Frostgrave here at Art of War Studios, so we're really happy to have them as part of the stock! 

So please buy some! 

We've got some pretty exciting news for Guild Ball Fans coming up, and some interesting little bits and bobs to be released; stay tuned for even more stuff from us in the future! 

Happy Gaming! 

Grantt & Kallie

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