In Focus: our new token set for Warcry!

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It's Friday, which means it's New Release time! This week, we're delighted to unveil our token set for Games Workshop's new game, Warcry! Let's take a closer look!   

Tomorrow sees the release of Warcry, Games Workshop's eagerly anticipated fantasy skirmish game. Set in the same fractured setting as Age of Sigmar, the game sees players take command of a band of vicious warriors competing for glory in fast-paced and bloody battles.

warcry tokens

Even though the game isn't out until tomorrow, we've all seen the wide range of warband options. From the boldly coloured Cypher Lords and the grim, bestial Corvus Cabal to the hideous Unmade and the brutal Iron Golem, there's something for every player. And that's without taking all the gameplay options into account! So we wanted our tokens to be clear and thematically consistent, to help you play a fast, clean game, helping you stay immersed in the adventure and savagery of the gameworld. 

warcry tokens

With such a gorgeous miniatures range, you need tokens that look just as pretty. Precision-cut from stunning acrylic, these tokens will never fray, and will pop through the miasma of blood, sweat and fury to help you track everything from Objectives to Ongoing Effects.

warcry tokens

Here's the set in all of its glory. Complete with everything a budding skull-taker needs to achieve a crushing victory against all foes, the set includes:

  • 8 treasure tokens - one of each type - on solid black acrylic
  • 8 Objective tokens (exactly the same size as the Treasure tokens, if you wanted to stick them together! 
  • 24 Single wound tokens
  • 16 Five wound tokens
  • 6 Ten wound tokens
  • 15 Activated tokens
  • 15 wait tokens
  • 6 Special tokens (for model identification and lasting effects) in Blue
  • 6 Special tokens (for model identification and lasting effects) in Red
  • 1 Initiative token

So what are you waiting for, champion? The enemy approaches. They're staking their claim on your territory. Gather your fighters, sharpen your blades and bellow an oath to your foul deity. No mercy will be given this day, so make sure you slam some superb acrylic tokens down onto the table to show that you're serious!

Our new Warcry set is available right now, so don't delay... send your raiding party here!

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  • 15 activation tokens isnt enough. Each warband is around 3-15 fighters. So that would mean 30 are needed (in 2 player – which is reasonable to accommodate in 1 set!).

    When you add chaotic beasts – it could even go higher too! Would get it, but dont fancy getting two sets for it to cover each round.

    Jay on

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