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In this week's In Focus blog we take a closer look at our range of tokens for the BIGGEST game on the block... Warhammer 40,000: APOCALYPSE!

40k apocalypse

Our ethos has always been to make beautiful tokens that are affordable, durable and help to make your games more fun. A key part of this is a clean and easily readable design that fits the aesthetic of the game. So when it came time to develop a line of tokens to support Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse, we knew that it had to hit that sweet spot.

Let's take a closer look at the range!

apocalypse advance order tokens

Advance Order Tokens: it may be symbolising the grim duty of the future warrior, or it may be the face of the Emperor, but the skull is a classic symbol of the 41st Millenium. With these tokens, we chose to use two colours of crayola crayon - white for the skull, and an eye-popping green for the arrow symbol. These bold, black, hex-shaped tokens look great arranged by the battlefield.

 apocalypse aimed fire tokens

Aimed Fire Order Tokens: we used a crisp blue here to colour the reticule, but it's your choice! We love how it really sets these apart. Once again, it's clear what these tokens mean; aim, shoot, one less heretic in the galaxy!

assault apocalypse token

Assault Order Tokens: sometimes a bolter round just won't do, and it's time to break out the chainsword. When it comes to assaulting the enemy, you need to make your intentions clear. This classic design shows you that your troops are about to knuckle down to some good old fashioned brawling! 

Blast apocalypse tokens

Blask Marker Tokens: blast markers are a key mechanic in Apocalypse. The large and small markers are cut from a fierce florescent orange that you just can't miss, capturing the terrifying energies and explosives being unleashed upon the target.

apocalypse damage tokens

Damage Tokens: when you've piled on the pressure and dished out a pile of blast markers, and your enemy has failed a bunch of saves, it's time to slap down the damage tokens! Cut from a brutal bloody red, you can tell at a glance that someone is in a world of pain!

apocalypse command tokens

Command Tokens: being rather crucial to your battle plan, these really had to pop. Not only do they have a supercool sinister skull design, with a regal crown to mark them out, they're so bright that you can spot at a glance how many you have.

 out of command tokens apocalypse

Out of Command Tokens: once again, some tokens just need to pop. Cut from a gleaming red, you'll be able to tell at a cursory glance what's happening on the table, allowing you to focus less on the minute details and more on the grand plan!

movement trays

Running Drones and Battlesuits? Check out our awesome tray designs!

That's not all. We've also thought a great deal about how to help you move your army around the tabletop. With a range of trays in several shapes and base sizes, there's something for everyone - running a horde of Boyz? We have you covered. Battlesuits and drones? We have one for that, too! Get a bunch of trays and arrange them together to build coherent mobs and overwhelm your enemy before they can even draw their weapons!

What are you waiting for, Commander? Hit the store here!

So have you taken the plunge into the Apocalypse? Let's see your army!

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