It's cold and grey. Time for games!

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Hey Gamers! 

It's that cold time of year when outside is a hostile place and inside begins to inspire cabin fever. Even the dogs don't want to go out.

Nemo Art of War Studios Small DogSeriously, let me sleep!

My cure; begin a project! 

Not sure where to start this year. Last year I dove into Guild Ball - I painted up some teams, designed a token range and went to a few tournaments.

A mostly painted Alchemists Team

I will finish these Alchemists! Honest!

I also painted a themed ALEPH army for Infinity and came up with a terrain line (which will go on sale soon, I promise).

Infinity ALEPH army on Art of War Studios tray

Fear my vanilla ALEPH list. 

So what next? It's been an interesting year for gaming, with some great new games being released - Dropfleet arrived...

UCM Dropfleet ships from Art of War Studios

Construction is slowed by magnets...

2 new zombie games appeared (Walking Dead & Project Z), neither of which I've managed to get a game of yet. Star Wars Destiny appeared, but I tend to avoid card games since my 2010 addiction...

Every white deck player in 2010-2011

Lots of cool stuff. Games workshop also got it's act together, and some of the 40K releases in the last six months have been excellent. 

Canonness Viridian Art of War Studios

So what to do? We have a vast selection of excellent products and games and a very small amount of time to prepare for and enjoy them! Do I settle in for a long haul and start collection something epic, like a new Warhammer 40k army, or do I aim to get a few smaller scale projects done, like a new Infinity force, or a small Dropfleet list? There's always Kingdom Death - I could magnetise all the armour sets so that I'm ready for all potential games?

Kingdom Death Art of War Studios

Yay. More magnets. And brutal death.

What about you? What do you think? Any recommendations as to new games I should try? What are you focusing on this year? 

I'll make a decision by next week and maybe start to get some hobby blogging done. Who knows, I might add regular content! My word! 

Anyways, I should mention that we've currently got a new promotion to help everyone shake off the dull winter blues - use the code FUFEBRUARY for 15% off any purchase from the website for the rest of this month. And take a look at our new shipping guidelines and rates - a sudden surge in demand has lead us to seek a more reliable manufacture process and cheaper shipping... 

Anyway, see you next week, and happy gaming!


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