Tantalising Details About The Last Jedi Revealed

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There’s precious little to go on when it comes to what to expect in the next installment of Star Wars, but every now and then an interesting detail is leaked.

According to Making Star Wars, one of the new planets set to feature in The Last Jedi could be the home of the First Order, and therefore where Supreme Leader Snoke is based.

The website acknowledges that this is pure supposition on their part at this stage, having heard limited details from a source about this particular world - namely that it’s like Mars with snow on it, and that the interiors are not dissimilar to Starkiller Base, where you can see the tech and architecture blending in with the natural environment.

Of course, we’ll also get to see more of the green and blue world of Ahch-To, where Luke and Rey met at the end of The Force Awakens.

And we’ve also heard about a Dubrovnik/casino planet, which is likely to be full of interesting characters.

Until we get to see the first trailer for this movie we’re not going to know very much for sure, and all will be revealed when the latest Star Wars movie hits cinemas in December this year - we can’t wait.

With the tragic death of Carrie Fisher at the end of last year, there’s still a lot of speculation about what direction the plot of this movie, as well as the final part of the trilogy, will take.

December currently seems a long way off, so we’re grabbing our X Wing tokens and organising plenty of evenings playing the X Wing Miniatures game where we can play out our own Star Wars space opera.

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