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Art of War Studios Nemo Pupdates
Cor, I tell you what, it's a hard life being a dog here in the Studios! Not only do I get told off for cutting my biscuits on the lasers, but apparently gnawing on a fully-painted Morathi is bad form. Why knew?! Not me!
With everyone else beavering away on designing, production, blog posts and a whole lot of other human stuff, I thought I should start pulling my weight. This week, I'm going to be talking about Teamwork.
Teamwork, so I'm told, is essential to any successful project. Take my ball, for instance. Now if my ball doesn't stay still so I can chew it until it's absolutely soaking and repellent to the touch, it ruins my playtime. Successful playtime requires us both to do our part. I run, the ball waits. The end result? Joy!
Nemo joy

Now from time to time I like to run seminars for the humans. In the image above you can see how my unique approach to leading these sessions helps everyone come together. Look at them there, loving every second of it. As a consummate professional, I merely acted as though I was on cloud nine. A teacher must always retain a certain emotional distance, after all.
Talking about distance, you'll notice that my sibling Daisy couldn't stop herself from getting involved. I'm trying to teach the humans an important lesson and she pulls a total Cumberbatch out of nowhere.
Now, at present there's nothing in the health and safety manual about  photobombing but when I master the use of a biro, you can rest assured that there will be.
There. Will. Be.

Well, I hope you appreciated me sharing a bit of my doggy wisdom. There'll be more next week! Now, I really must run around in a circle for ten minutes. Don't ask me why. A genius never explains.


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