In Focus: New Official Guild Ball Captain Tokens!

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Welcome to In Focus! Every Friday we take a closer look at our new releases, giving you an idea of what they're for, why they're awesome and when they're available!

Guild Ball grabbed us from the kick-off. The way it rewarded thoughtful planning, the characterful abilities and the smart synergies between players all came together to create something truly special. Add to that the innovative playbook and influence mechanics and it’s easy to see why it’s so successful, and has such a devoted player base.

Now the game’s growing, providing more and more options for us to play around with. New captains have appeared, shaking up the system with their awesome new skills, and we’ve responded by unleashing some upgrade kits!

Culverin Guild Ball

Now you can run these characters with official tokens!

I know that a lot of you have been after these for a while - because I’ve seen the emails and facebook messages! Well, wait no longer. You can now get hold of Official Season 4 tokens for Cutlass, CulverinCorkerRivet and Corbelli!

Guild Ball Corker

These new tokens fit with the aesthetic, design and practicality of our Guild Ball complete sets, so you can slip them in and they’ll look perfect alongside your other tokens. They’ll sit snug against the bases as always, and with a bit of crayola and buffing with a microfibre cloth you’ll have them popping right off the table! For tips on how to make your tokens pop, click here.

Corbelli Guild Ball

Now you can smash opponents’ faces in with Iron Fist, make space and play some proper football, play defensive by getting in the goal, or simply broadside the other team into oblivion!

Best thing is... these new tokens are available right now!

So, with hulking beer-monsters, supercool soccer stars and awesome pirates, there’s a lot to be excited about. Which new captain will you be taking to the pitch?

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  • Corker should really come with 10 beer tokens (the max you can have from his play).

    SW on

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