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Every Thursday, our beloved mascot brings you news from the cutting edge of token and terrain design... from his unique perspective! It's time for another of Nemo's Pupdates!

nemo pupdate

What's up, chums? Nemo here, taking the reins once more. This week, I've been working on a multitude of projects. Aside from writing my own finale to Game of Thrones (which includes a lot more dogs, balls and dogs chasing balls... it's EPIC!) I've also been helping the humans prepare for the UKGE!

Apparently the UKGE is this big event where other humans walk around (often without their dogs) and discuss, play and purchase games and things. Sounds very exciting, but I can't help but ask why the canine contingent is so lacking. 

So, without further ado, I am announcing my plans to launch the first ever UKDAGE! Although I'm still in the preliminary stages of planning - which means I've mulled it over whilst chewing my own feet - I am confident this will become a staple of the games industry.

The UK Dogs And Games Expo will be very similar to the UKGE, with one major difference: the whole event will be a dog-focused experienced. CCGs will feature extra-thick, bacon-flavoured cards, all dice will be massive, red, and made of extra-chewy rubber, and tokens will be biscuits. I'm still deciding which biscuits, but I think we'll need a variety of shapes and sizes. So bourbons, custard creams and jammy dodgers are an absolute certainty.

I know what you're all thinking - 'but Nemo! This sounds amazing! Surely it exists already!' - and no, it doesn't. Which is why we need to fight for this together!

Be ready, my four-legged friends! Soon the world will dance to our tune!

Your hero,

Nemo x

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