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Every Monday we bring you our take on what's fresh in the industry and take a closer look at some of the most exciting new releases. It's time for Frontline News!

art of war deal

So the week had been going well. Prep for the UKGE was pretty much done, everyone was buzzing and then, like an RKO outta nowhere, on Friday one of our lasers burst into flames. Kallie leapt into action and saved our bacon, but we definitely took a hit.

We're still ticking, but our production schedule has been shunted back a little. Don't worry, we still have a bunch of eager lasers that can't cut acrylic fast enough, but with the UKGE around the corner we're not going to be getting new orders out until the 10th of June at the earliest.

So we've been running May Sale 2.0. Enter the code 'isithotinhere20' and get 20% off anything you order. That's tokens, templates and terrain. The sale runs until tonight, so you still have time to stock up!

necromunda games workshop cards

OK, back to industry news. Necromunda players rejoice, Games Workshop has released free to download Tactics cards. Just like Stratagems in 40k, these add a whole new dimension to the game. Not just fluff/narrative elements that make your gang feel more characterful, but seriously powerful abilities that can change a game (like turning the lights out, for example). These new cards inject some more life into this amazing game. There's one to help Goliaths charge, and another that lets a Van Saar ganger shoot twice. Not that anything survives being shot once by Van Saar!

sisters of battle games workshop

We also got a glimpse of some of the new Sisters of Battle, which look absolutely glorious. Loads of people have been waiting a long time for these. I don't think they're going to be disappointed!

asoiaf cmon

New unit boxes keep appearing for A Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game. Conscripts help the Night's Watch put more bodies in the field, helping this elite force avoid getting swarmed by the enemy. These miniatures look fantastic, too. Look at those poses. So much character!

So what has you excited this week? Are you excited about getting those new Conscripts and running them in pretty much every fantasy tabletop game and RPG?

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