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nemo pupdate art of war studios

Hey, humans! It's Thursday - or, as I prefer to call it, fursday - and your favourite four-legged spy at Art of War Studios is here with some serious gossip!

As you can see from the pic, I'm absolutely bushed. All sorts of plans are in motion at the workshop and the humans are getting ready to drop some seriously amazing new tokens, and I've got to say, watching them work has worn me out! 

I can't say too much yet, but loads of you have been asking after these new tokens for a while and it's going to be great to see the response. Make sure you follow us on facebook, twitter and sign up to our newsletter to hear about these new shinies the second they appear. It's going to be soon. Like, REALLY REALLY soon.

That's all for now, humans! I'm shattered, so I'm going to get my beauty sleep. You don't think I look this good by accident, do you?! 

Until next time!

Nemo x


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