In Focus: Tokens for Infinity and Apocalypse!

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Big news this week! We've got not one awesome release for you, but two! So get ready, wargamers, because it's time to unleash new token sets for Infinity the Game and Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse!

infinity the game corvus belli tokens

We adore Infinity at the studios. With some experienced tournament players on the team, we pride ourselves on developing tokens and templates that help make the game slicker, quicker and even more fun! 

After a host of recent changes, with new technology and rules coming through in the latest expansion books such as Daedalus' Fall, we've done a complete revamp of our entire Infinity line!

 infinity the game camo markers

We've listened closely to the community and delivered tokens to assist every player in bringing their A-game. Our camo tokens have been redesigned, with clear numbers in the centre of a very cool silhouette and 3x3mm squares to help you check whether or not you can see your target. 

infinity the game holo echoes

Our holo-echoes fit the same aesthetic, being bold and bright and clear, with a choice of several colours to help you keep a coherent look for your army.

infinity the game templates

When it comes to templates, you need precision and utility. So we doubled down on both. Our cut-out large template will reduce the need to move models, or knock them (potentially damaging that beautiful paint job) when applying flamethrowers and pulzars. 

Our segmented blast template works by a similar principle, allowing you to lay down the relevant sections without having to hover a full template over a series of models. We've also got small round templates for when you're tossing speculative grenades, and some very useful segments that fit to larger bases. So, if you fire a guided missile at an enemy REM or TAG, with a blast centred on the model, you can just use one of these little segments to check whether neighbouring models are hit or not. Easy!

infinity the game tokens

We're still utilising negative space in order to create gorgeous tokens that pop right off the table! Easily recognisable and colour-coded, you can see at a glance the states, available orders, wounds and more! These 20mm tokens, like glyphs on the HUD of your Heavy Infantry, will never get lost in the heat of battle, so you and your opponent will never forget key information!

With handy booster packs, tournament support and worldwide shipping, there has never been a better time to upgrade your token set! Check out the webstore now and see the array of amazing products!

But wait, don't go just yet! Because as awesome as those new tokens are, they're not the only thing being unleashed today. As 40k players start to build their armies for even bigger battles, we're releasing our tokens for Apocalypse!

apocalypse tokens

One thing I think we can all agree on is that when it comes to 40k, bigger is better. This is a game all about spectacle and drama, and now that the new rules speed up and streamline the game, with some neat back-and-forth action and innovation, we no longer have to choose between bringing all of our Deathwing or all of our Predators... because now, we can just take EVERYTHING!

apocalypse tokens 40k

With so many models on the table, and your strategy and tactics to consider, you need tokens that pop. Well, you won't miss these! Cut from gorgeous acrylic, they look absolutely stunning, and will be visible right through the mud, blood and murk of the grimdark battlefield!

apocalypse tokens 40k

Track your advances, assaults and order tokens clearly and easily, and enjoy a game that flows effortlessly, so you can focus on having fun! 

If you're getting involved in Apocalypse, don't hesitate, check out the webstore now and grab some tokens! Because when the shooting starts, it'll be too late!

Commander's Log: there have been some heretics for whom this was not enough. They have been whispering about 'Malifaux'... well, there's more good news. These are being finalised as I write this, so make sure you follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter, because you are in for a treat!

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