Sometimes it's good to admit defeat!

Posted by Grantt Ennis on

Okay, first things first; I know the Imperial Assault tokens are late. They should have been released back on the 9th, then they should have been released this weekend. Now, I'm not sure when they'll get released. 

The reason being is that I believe in quality. I have been working on these tokens for a while now, particularly in designing the double-sided tokens, and I wanted something really special for this game. I'm happy with the designs and how they look, but I'm having real trouble manufacturing them. 

So, because I refuse to release a product that I'm not happy with, I shall be shelving these tokens until after Christmas. I won't release them this month, despite us trying to have a Star Wars theme, and I won't be rushing them out for release anytime soon. Sorry guys! 

Instead, I'm going to be focusing on preparing our little business for some changes in the New Year; we're hoping to vastly improve our manufacturing to speed up the entire process and try and help us avoid these backlogs we hit every time we have a busy period (Salute, Steamcon, Black Friday, etc). I'm also going to be working on the terrain (the reason Art of War Studios was made in the first place!) and trying to get finished products on the website early next year. 

I'm also working on some super secret projects with other names in the industry... Stuff that Art of War Studios used to only dream about! 

But enough of that; I have tokens to design, terrain to finish off and Christmas to enjoy. 

Happy holidays; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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