Star Wars Fan Takes Decade To Build Model of Millennium Falcon

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Star Wars fans are pretty devoted people, but perhaps none more so than Kevin Hill, who has spent the last ten years building a replica of the Millennium Falcon.


The Rotherham artist originally decided to create his own version of the spaceship for a Sci-fi convention in 2006. However, once he got involved in the project, his quest for perfection meant it took far longer than expected, the Daily Mail reported.


Instead, the model ended up being six feet long, four feet wide and weighing 12 stone. It is fantastically detailed and has taken Mr Hill thousands of hours to complete.


Speaking with the news provider, he said: “The more I did, the more I realised it was not going to be done in time. I got stuck with it. It was a massive project and it didn’t really have a purpose.”


He went on to say: “There were a few periods where I wouldn’t touch it for months but then times when I would work on it whenever I possibly could.”


Now that the artist has finished the colossal project, he has decided to sell it as he does not have the room in his house for the 1:18 scale model. He hopes the model, which is made from plywood covered with plastic, foam board and card, will sell for £6,000.


Mr Hill also used parts of model kits and space toys, as well as LED lights.


This comes ahead of the release of Rogue One at the cinemas, which is rumoured to be moving away from traditional Star Wars films.


For instance, Variety magazine recently revealed the flick will “most likely not” start with the narrative crawl, as all other films in the catalogue have.


Star Wars fans who can’t wait for the next instalment could spend the next few months playing with their X Wing tokens to get themselves in the mood for the new movie.

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