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Hobby HQ

Posted by Chris Hobday on

Every Tuesday our Hobby HQ blog sums up what we've been doing outside of our dayjobs. We share pictures of what we've built and painted, including WIP projects. We'd love to see some of your work, too! It's been a busy week! Between designing new products, preparing for the UKGE, playtesting new rules, putting together a crew for the Star Trek RPG and actually playing some games, the window for hobby time has been small. And yet, we managed to move forward with some projects! Abi has sold me on two things - Stormcast Eternals and taking photos of miniatures in a natural environment. The shift...

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Setting Forth with the Rangers of Shadow Deep - Review!

Posted by Grantt Ennis on

Written by Joseph A McCullough and published on DrivethruRPG (both as a PDF and print on demand book), Rangers of Shadow Deep is a cooperative skirmish game about heroes venturing into dangerous territory to investigate a mystical phenomenon.

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