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Games Workshop Black legion

If I saw this climbing up the water spout, that would be it for me.

Like a lot of you, I’m still reeling from the LVO pictures and videos. Games Workshop continue to churn out an extraordinary number of quality sculpts, and our wallets can’t keep up. It wasn’t that long ago that the Genestealer Cult bikers were turning heads. Now, we’re going weak at the knees over Black Legion, new Primaris, and a host of astonishing Warhammer Underworlds and Age of Sigmar models.

Blades of Khorne will herald a deluge of books for Age of Sigmar, with a Battletome announced for every Grand Alliance. This is a game I’ve been itching to get into for a little while, and with the skirmish rules expanded upon in the latest White Dwarf, there are now even more ways to play. As I mentioned in a previous blog post some of these games are perfect to play with the kids, and Age of Sigmar - when shorn of a couple of rules - works brilliantly in this regard. Especially at skirmish level - having fewer models helps when you’re dealing with shorter attention spans!

Age Sigmar Spells

As for the endless spells, every time I look at these I think “scenic bases!”

Regarding skirmish games (which are my jam) I am extremely excited about Warcry and have already badgered the design team about designing some tokens for it. They’ve been busy with other projects of course - but they can work harder, right? Just kidding, don’t hit me, guys!

Underworlds continues to expand and develop. We’ve already seen sorcery and scatter tokens introduced, and now the Sylvaneth are getting involved. Once again, the miniatures are stunning.

Sylvanesh shadespire

So, on to the grimdark of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. As much as I love the fantasy side, this is where my heart is, and I am stoked about the Black Legion. Shadowspear, a new battle box, will contain Primaris Vanguard - a new Astartes force designed for what sounds like the equivalent of Black Ops - and the Black Legion, for whom Black Ops is a way of life. With the new Abaddon mini teased, Chaos Space Marine players are in for a great year. And I bet many of those Primaris Vanguard will end up corrupted and customised in black and gold!

40k black legion
All of this means of course more work for those of us who provide tokens, templates and terrain for your favourite games. As soon as new rules appear, the design team goes into overdrive, stocking up on dry biscuits and fizzy pop and locking themselves away like demented chaos sorcerers, only appearing to blink in the light when they have something amazing to show us. Looks like they’re going to have a busy one this year!

art of war studios

Some of the latest stuff emerging from the design team. Great job, peeps!

So while you prepare yourselves for this deluge of awesome new miniatures and rules, why not get your battlefield prepared? Check out our Kill Team tokens and wound counters, and our range of Warhammer Underworlds tokens, or invest in some incredible modular terrain, so that when your new stuff arrives, you can give them the tokens and tables they deserve!

art of war kill team
Happy gaming!

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