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Hey gamers!

We've sent out all out neoCity range this week, dispatching parcels to all sorts of international locations! It was a brand new thing for us, and fun to do, and has taught us an awful lot about how to logistically provide large, heavy parcels to a worldwide audience. It means that when we release our full range of neoCity terrain in December, we'll be ready for it! 

Whoops! Gave away the release date! 

For those that have received their terrain, we now have instructional videos on YouTube that show how to make them - we'll be putting up a PDF version as soon as we get one finished. Please be gentle; it's my first ever YouTube video and I am sure it's awful. 

Talking of release dates, I know a lot of you are asking about our Frostgrave tokens. Well, they were supposed to be released by now, but as we're still a bit behind, we decided to push them back until we've cleared our backlog. This allows us to get everything up to it's usual speed and then fulfil orders for the Frostgrave products as soon as we can. Trust me; it will be worth the wait. 

We're almost completely caught up now; we're only 6 days behind (as opposed to 36, as we were at the start of October) and we should be 100% caught up by the end of this weekend. That means that we'll be back to our usual 2/3 day turnaround time, plus we'll be looking into how to change our work-flow to try and offer a same-day dispatch service. 

Hmm, I'm pretty sure there's something else...? What was it...? Oh yeah! We have some MAJOR news coming up really soon, but we'll save that for next time. Believe us when we say that you will love it! 

Happy Gaming!

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