What Sci-Fi Technology Do You Want?

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How many times have you come away from watching a movie, reading a book or playing a sci-fi based game and thought ‘I wish you could really [insert exciting ability/technology here]’?

 Whether it’s teleporting or a personal forcefield, we’ve all had those moments of wondering when (if ever) the technology will catch up with our imaginations.

 And now VR-Zone has collated a list of the top sci-fi technologies we want in the real world. Unsurprisingly, light sabers are at the top of the list, although as VR-Zone points out, the technology responsible for lightsabers is impossible to replicate - not to mention that according to Star Wars lore we need Kyber crystals to make them work!

 In at number two was a personal forcefield. Now, interestingly, the science behind them is technically possible, but (like all great sci-fi inventions) there’s a catch. Namely that we currently don’t have small, incredibly powerful batteries. But those could come….

 Third on the list is that old Star Trek favourite - teleportation. Like lightsabers, the technology is pretty impossible, and as VR-Zone explains, the potential consequences if it goes wrong are “deeply disturbing”.

 Also making the list are giant mech suits - the kind that you’ll have seen in countless Japanese animes, or Pacific Rim if you’re thinking more along Hollywood lines - as well as a cross-species translation technology - think of Doug from Disney’s film UP and you’ve got the idea.


While we know there’s no way for us to get our hands on these gadgets in real life, we can grab our Infinity tokens and playing pieces and immerse ourselves in a world where we have a whole host of cool technology available to us.


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