The Top 3 Board Game Cafes In The UK

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If you want to take your X Wing tokens out into the big wide world and are sick of playing your pals in the confines of your living room, then you’re in luck – board game cafes are huge news right now and we bet there’s one in your local area that you have yet to discover. Here are three of our favourites to be found in the UK right now.

Draughts, London

Head to Hackney where you’ll find Draughts, which actually claims to be the first board game-themed café in the capital. They’ve got more than 500 games on offer, from firm faves like Cluedo to ones that even you’re unlikely to have come across before. There’s also craft beers, wine, cider and ales on offer, so you’ll have an awesome time if you do go.

Thirsty Meeples, Oxford

We like the silly name and we love the fact that there are more than 2,000 different games to try out. They’re all organised by genre so it couldn’t be easier to find one that suits your interests and there are Game Gurus on hand to help you work them all out if you’ve never played them before. Table service means that you don’t even have to stop the game to get yourself some refreshments.

Ready Steady Roll

This idea strikes us as a great one – a pop-up board game café! This group puts on events in Milton Keynes, Bedford and Sharnbrook, but they also do parties, bespoke events and corporate goings-on so wherever you are why not see if they can come and see you, bringing all their board games with them!

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