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Art of War Necromunda

"Wish me luck! I'm going in!"

Calling all Master Builders! We all know that a good table can make a game truly special, particularly when it comes to Necromunda. Games Workshop's skirmish game requires terrain that provides adequate cover and blocks line of sight, ensuring that players can approach the battle with differing tactics. If the firelanes are too broad and the table too open, snipers become overpowered; if there is too much terrain, fighters that excel in close quarters combat or have been kitted out with template weapons become dominant.


Necromunda Art of War

The trouble is, we'd all rather spend our money on models than terrain. At Art of War Studios, we’re gamers as well as designers, and trust us, we feel the same way. We get that terrain needs to not only look fantastic, but also be durable and affordable. Which is why we’ve developed our modular Necromunda terrain sets.

Our Industrial Hive set gives you the chance to build those Necromunda tables you always dreamed of, from thick, armoured walls and claustrophobic tunnels, to multi-tiered walkways and line-of-sight blocking terrain pieces. The Hive Walls are designed not only to snugly fit the spaces on the original game boards, but also connect with the other terrain pieces from the set. Believe us, you’ll have as much fun building the table as you will playing the game!

Art of War Studios

"I'm sure I heard something - "

Because everything is designed to fit together, you can really express yourself. Without much effort at all you can set up atmospheric and immersive tables for your skirmishes, create stunning cinematic scenes to share on social media, or supercool backdrops for your painting projects. And what’s more, you can just keep adding pieces to it, or pull it apart and change it when you get bored of your first configurations.


Art of War Studios

The Hive Walls are designed to be built and rebuilt, like Grimdark lego!

Once you’re done with the Industrial Hive, you can also explore the Hive Sector. Also completely modular, and measured so that it can complement the Industrial Hive terrain sets, this presents a fresh challenge to any budding architect of the 41st Millenium: just how cool a table can you create?

Art of War Studios

So if you’re looking for an affordable solution to terrain, but want something that’s also sturdy and modular, check out the store and see what we’ve got. While you’re there, don’t forget to cast a bionic eye over our token sets. Since you can only get tokens in the main box or the Gang Leaders expansion, and cardstock isn’t going to last forever, we’ve made sure that our mega pack covers every status in the game. Also, with pin tokens, you never need to lay your beautifully-painted minis down ever again. The tokens pop like crazy too, so you’ll never forget that someone’s drunk, on fire or just plain ready!

Art of War Studios

"Get 'im, girls!"

So help your Necromunda games come to life with truly awesome terrain sets that allow you to be the architect. And do make sure you take some pictures of your endeavours, so we can see your creations! Build them high, gangers… build them high!

These terrain sets are also perfect for Warhammer 40k and Kill Team, so you can cover all your bases! Take the plunge and become an architect of the Grimdark, or get together with fellow gamers from your FLGS and build a battlefield that would impress Lord Helmawr himself!

Check out the store for more information!

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